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Default Re: The Other SOPA? Canadian Bill C-11

Gimme a second. *Obligitory sigh of relief* I was scared for a second there. Not that this is bad, but not even clost to what SOPA/PIPA intend to do. Huuuge difference there. For one, PIPA/SOPA intend to block user's IP adresses from sites online if the site even has a minute amount of copyright infringement. This bill is about digital locks. As angry as I am with my government right now, I'm quite pleased that we aren't getting a SOPA/PIPA. NEVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN.

Eternal, take a deep breath, it's not about online. Deep breaths.

I'll explain this clearly: This is NOTHING like SOPA/PIPA.

It's about digital locks. If you have an e-reader, and you buy books for it, this bill would make it illegal to use this "book", "text document" whatever, on any other system. Which is bad, but not so bad. America HAS this in place already. We do not.

So if you buy a Blu-Ray disc, the data cannot be taken off the disc and played on your computer.
If you buy a game, you cannot take the game off the disc and use it on you computer.
If you buy a game on the Apple store, you cannot take the game off of the iPod and use it on a Mac.


Actually not that bad.

I mean, the US already has it, so it can't be HORRIBLE, now can it?

Please change the misleading title, Sabi.

Aaaand have a nice day!

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