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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

OOC:(yeah i'll try a little bit harder thanks for the input)
Near outside fence

I opened my eyes my I had a huge headache my vision was blurry my legs weren't working that good and as everything cleared I felt pain in my arm I glanced at it hoping to not see what I was thinking but it was they're was a huge scar from the horn luckily it wasn't the mouth or it would have been infected.

I grabbed it and hoisted my self up and luckily I had full control of myself I looked at my side only to see Treecko the one I saw earlier that was hopping from tree to tree that quickly left for a unkown reason and the Absol the one i saw from a distance he was growling at the human I previously knocked down he got up and ran for it and the Absol came closer.

I looked and said "So you're the one and the other Treecko that saved me thank you very much."he nodded

Like a Baws

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