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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

OCC: Meg! 8D Nice to see you here! I like your character too. xD *excited*

Route 8

After having bounced from tree to tree for a considerable time, Lacher came to a rest at the top of a tall elm. He had reached the end of the route, and had a vast view of the land beyond his home.

His tail aided him in remaining still as he cast his golden glare over the human town and surveyed the ground below, as well as its inhabitants. Horrified, he immediately recognised several species of pokemon, as well as some humans, which filled his nostrils - even at a distance - with wholesome odours of rotting flesh and sickness. Frantic, he ducked into the leaves and waited a moment before poking his head from the place he chose to hide, and observed.

The many pokemon occupying his view were limping hopelessly, groaning with indecent noises and releasing clumsy attacks of fire, ice, electricity; all elements sprayed in several directions and only subsided so their bearers could pick themselves off the ground, or because they were interrupted by pokemon who were actually alive. His eyes jumped from battle to battle until he caught sight of a mound of black and crimson feathers resting inside a shabbily built enclosure. Instantly he knew they belonged to the spearow who had escaped his view, and he could see plenty of other evidence to suggest more pokemon had been mutilated or simply killed in recent days.

All at once, a wild bellsprout who, Lacher figured, had been trapped behind a building and didn't yet have a chance to escape, made a wobbly run for it. However, she didn't make it far before an undead tangela with its back turned to Lacher lashed out with its vines and dragged its helpless victim along the stony ground. The bellsprout squirmed ceaselessly and cried out for assistance before the tangela drew her in. The target pokemon's root-arm was severed in half as the tangela apparently made a permanent mark. Lacher watched with wide eyes and a racing heart as the flailing weepinbell pre-evolution thudded to the ground and sprawled out, wriggling in agony before a horrid transformation took place and the 'she' turned to a mindless 'it'.

Lacher was permanently scarred. The imagery would forever resonate in the depths of his mind, and, in a moment of rare courage, he was determined not to let it happen again if it was in his power to prevent it.

His attention was captured by a small dark figure cowering amongst human-made metal cans. A heracross creature neared the small pokemon, who Lacher discovered wasn't one of them, and knew he needed to assist him. As the horned pokemon closed in and roared a disturbing roar, the treecko made the decision to play the saviour.

He consciously gripped the elm. Its scaly bark was perfect for climbing down, and carefully he placed one limb after another to begin his slow descent.

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

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