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Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
Logic doesn't exist in Pokemon lmao. The only series where the characters actually age and are respected for their accomplishments is the manga (which is a good read by the way!). xD

I mean, for crying out loud, Ash is "still" 10 in the BW series! You'd think that he'd be about 13-15 by now or something. As for Pikachu's situation ... I agree with you on that, the writers should have done better with the battle. Pikachu's won numerous battles by using little to no electricity, and the fact that the writers made him be all powerless and pathetic, quite frankly, upsets me greatly. I can understand the whole "new region, new strategies/battles/etc." but Pikachu doesn't have to pull a Metroid and lose all his powers and stuff at the beginning of every new region. e_e;
Do you really mean it, that Ash is still 10 Y.O in BW? Woaw I though He'd at least aged during the previous series, I though they'd already celebrated his and Pikachu's anniversary as a buddy in the 2nd Pokemon Movie?

and yeah, that's pathetic seeing pkachu loosinng battles at BW's first few episode, while Ash's new caught pokemon could win battles. lol
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