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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Lavender Town Zombie Zoo

Ralek kept his head on a swivel as he entered the run down "zoo". Seems more like a prison to me...No wonder the wanted to escape... The Absol pushed the thought from his head, sticking to the numerous shadows that were cast by the run down buildings that dotted the town. The smell of rotting flesh made his nose twitch uncomfortably for a moment before getting used to the stench and settling. It was better than his first time here.

"Stupid zombies made me lose my lunch..." He muttered, remembering his failed attempt to capture a Rattata only a few weeks earlier.

Ralek was pulled from his musing when e hear the clattering if what was probably a trash can. Freezing in his tracks, he stared towards the noise, ready to flee should it be something far too big for him to handle. His tail swished back and forth before he finally decided to creep forward. Using th shadows to his advantage, he began to slink in the direction if the clattering metal.

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