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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! [RP]

Random trashcan
Lavender town

I watched as a Trainer looked at the ticket booths he was sort of investigating then as I started to walk out of the trash can making sure i was safe. I made such a racket of struggling out of the trashcan I caused some attention because the trainer investigating the phone booths looked at me he must have thought i was a zombie pokemon. Then I ran I accidently tripped and fell to the ground I was hopeless.As soon as I got up i saw a faint pokemon in the distance he was walking toward the zoo I prepared to run as fast as i could.I looked towards the forest and noticed what looked like a treecko
"Oh wow now i'm surrounded by a treecko a mysterious trainer and dark pokemon what else is new." I heard growling behind me and turned my head slowly to see one huge zombie heracross "oh that's new."

Like a Baws

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