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Default Re: SOPA and PIPA

I do not believe nor will I ever believe that the US government has a right to do this.

The internet itself can't be policed. Such a thing would cripple the one entity in society that this day and age is growing more and more reliant on. It's a place of creative out look and extension and a very huge aspect of society that we could probably not live without. That kind of power is not meant to exist and it should not, ever. E-VER.

People make their way through websites like deviant ART and Youtube, get noticed by someone and then hey, they're on their way somewhere big in life, if not for their own enjoyment and to share with other people of the world. Honestly I've probably learned more about writing skills from role plays and fanfictions than I have from english classes in school. I'm attempting to create my own music but if I can't post it on youtube, how do I share it with anyone if the site is down? It's all part of the thing reality is slowly lacking more and more of, and that is communication.

There is always going to be the one thing causing problems somewhere, in some shape or form, cyberrealm or reality. Lets be honest, there are far more pressing and important matters in real life to be dealing with than this kind of madness that is being presented to us now.

This is too much power on a subject that is too far an open field for them to call conquest on. No. This bill, in my opinion, gives them capability of shutting down about half of what we know as the internet. Most of it is content generated by regular people who don't work in those big companies for whatever reason, based on varying circumstances that are too numerous to list.

The internet is the only thing tht gives me faith in the human race in terms of there still being intelligence, creativity, common sense, decency and no discrimination, again, something reality seems to be very lacking. Having this pass, would just kill it all.

Good for websites like Wikipedia to be protesting. I've tried explaining this to some people and they don't understand what this bill is capable of. Maybe that's because I live in Canada, but honestly, no. Everything gets affected in the end in some way.

As a member of Sonic Staduim commented:

SOPA backwards:


My name is Sabi and I do not approve of the SOPA/PIPA Acts.


This right here gives me some of that hope in humanity. GO OBAMA GO.
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