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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One


Sara Aurion
Sara rammed her silver greatsword into the roof. The forceful stab created an unpleasant sound, surely drawing the attention of the small group below her.

“Welcome,” the word passed gracefully from her, as she turned to the crowd slowly. “and please, save your questions.”

“I know one of you would first ask ‘where am I?’ or maybe ‘Who am I?’ and I’ll explain the former. You’re in World 8, a world of forests. Also the home of Soar, the…faction I rule over. We know of ten worlds, and another called World Zero. Zero is what we need to destroy, as its inhabitants wish to rule over all to the point of every aspect of our lives and every world’s, including yours. Now what does this mean? Everything would be on a schedule. There would be no freedom, no choices. I know you all don’t want that to happen, or do you?” Sara said, raising an eyebrow to the group. “It matters not.” She said solemnly, looking up at the bright blue sky.

“The choice is yours.” Sara pulled the shortsword from her waist, the blade of amber shining as it seemed to cut a hole in the sky itself. Pure darkness flowed out of the hole, stopped only by the sunlight. “This is a direct portal to GameOver’s main base. They wish to just destroy everything. Now, none of you look evi- well, maybe you two, but everyone else looks like they wouldn’t go in here. Next order of business.” Sara cut another hole in the sky. Light shone out of the hole, even brighter than the sun. “This one leads back to Soar. We’re the good guys.” Sara jumped off of the roof. landing on the ground without a sound. “I hope you make the right decision,” She said, pointing the great blade of silver at the group, “Because I would hate to have to use this. Cleaning it is such a chore. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll let you go through the black portal, I’ll just kill you if I ever see you again.”

Sara jumped back up to the two portals, both sitting vertically, waiting for someone to enter.

“Step up and choose. Keep in mind that Soar has the technology to help you remember your past,” Sara said, her eyes landing on Ozhban. “And the equipment to repair you, little sphere.”

Sara looked as if she was going to jump back into the white portal, when she turned around and flung something at the crowd. The small metal sphere landed with a soft tick, flashing brightly. “That thing will restore a little bitty part of your memories. That is, if you lost any memories at all. I have more, if you earn them.” Then she was gone, leaving only the two opposing portals behind.

Freelance Characters

Forest Town
Okay, so maybe 'almost heavy' was a tad bit of an understatement. Zwelit arrived in town with the small blade of the rapier scraping against the ground. He probably looked pretty wimpy, he thought. Carrying around a rapier as if it were a slab of metal? He looked pathetic. Finally sitting down at the edge of the square, Zwelit sat down with the weapon lying at his side as he sat cross-legged. His fur breezed silently in the wind as he observed his surroundings. White buildings...white buildings...and an oddly dressed duo in some sort of hug, lying on the ground. He really didn't care where he was, or who he was with; he was just happy to soak up some of the sun.

Forest Town
Raio had cut every tree on his way to the village, the trees behind him marked with scars of his short walk. They seemed to shimmer and disappear behind him once he stepped in the village, erasing his path. He almost looked serious for a second, before throwing a load of streamers into the middle of the square. “PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!” Raio whooped, waving his newfound spear like a twig. “WEEEEEEEEEEW-" He was interrupted by a loud screeching from the rooftop in front of him.

Forest Town
Raine took a silent step into the town, jumping shadows along the way. You see, she was very…different. Aside from being half flareon with only the ears, hair color, and tail inherited, she had many uncanny abilities. Melding into someone’s shadow made her invisible, but the target’s shadow looked like her instead. She could also mold flames into weapons, and slightly move small objects with her mind.

’well, she was pretty smart to group them all here. Not bad. But I bet her speech is going to be horrible.’ Raine settled on a pichu boy leaning against a tree, and with a few minor adjustments of her rather poofy tail, she looked pretty close to a regular shadow.

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