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Originally Posted by AltariaTamer
Sorry to burst your bubble, but no you CANNOT start off with all of these level 5 pokemon from sapphire/ruby. The earliest you can get these sapphire/ruby pokemon into your games is when you get the sapphire and ruby plates which you cannot not obtain until you get to the new islands which you cannot get to until after you beat Blaine, which if you all remember, IS THE 7TH GYM. If you want all of the info, go to "" they are the best site for all of this new info on fire red and leaf green.
Does that mean i cannot trade RS pokemon over until i obtain a national pokedex?

Oh, it doesn't matter. I can still trade over the old RBY Pokemon in RS.

EDIT: AWW yes, i checked and it said i can only trade with RS/Collosseum only AFTER i defeated the elite four...too bad
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