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September 25, 2032
Berlin, Germany


Avian cursed lightly to herself as she saw the townspeople begin to clear the roads. Casting a glance aroud the corner of the alley she was currently situated in, her amber eyes swept over the Pures standing on the train platform. They were armed to the teeth, and knew they would shoot anything that even barely looked like an Infected. Slipping back into the shadows, Avian took a deep breath. She wouldn't run until she knew all the other Infected had gotten out safely, and that included the ones who wandered. The day had just gone from bad to worse. Much worse.

Katherine Areth

Katherine stepped from the train, shooting a glance into the main road of the city of Berlin. It had been a few years since she had come here herself, but things hadn't changed. The roads cleared quickly as people moved inside their houses or shops, wanting to get out of the way if the Pures decided to unload their lead into the streets. Katherine shook her head as she turned to her soldiers.

"You have your orders.." She said "I want anything even remotely resembling one of those foul creatures dead. Do a complete sweep of the city. We will finish by nightfall."

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