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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! (Interest check/ SU)

species: Munchlax
Age: (at least) 10
Personality: he is very shy and barely pays any attention to humans but will steal food from them he acts around other pokemon as very curious he will accidently go across the other pokemon's boundaries. When approached by a human he will throw the rest of the food at their face and run as fast as he can.
Appearance: optional
History: he has no home he lives by traveling region to region by sneaking on boats and feeding on leftovers in the trash after arriving in kanto he was digging in the trash when a zombie spinarak came up to him he almost got killed but thankfully he ran fast enough like he does when hes scared.after running from the spinarak he came across the pokemon zoo and was being overrun by zombie pokemon so he climbed into a trashcan. He is now looking for a way out of kanto.
Other: instead of yellow he has white
4 moves:shadow claw rollout tackle and rest
maybe a bit more history if you dont mind

Like a Baws

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