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Cool BW: Ash Vs Trip

Ok I just started watching the Black and White series and Im Loving it! cool cgi animations and effects, pretty cool pokemona nd pretty interesting plot in Univa!

I love Team Rocket being more of a serious villain, I just hate Ash and Pikachu being a loosers in its first few episodes.

C'mon Pikachu loosing in a starter pokemon? OK let's say pikachu can't use its electric attacks, yet it should have alteast win using its other attacks. The wirters makes our Pikachu a dumd here! Pikachu should be a more of a high level pokemon and more of a legend now!

and Ash is still that kind of ash no maturity acting he didnt know anything like the case of Nurse Joy and its look a like! and I hate when Ash looses to Trip! c'mon he's just starting his journey! Writers what ur doing to Ash????

and may I ask, did trip knew Ash's achievements in Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh? Wonder if he knew could he respect ash? what ya think guys?
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