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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Doctor Caesure and Anastasia
Master and Apprentice, Light
Everlastia; Healer's Wing

Anastasia felt something in her gut go cold. No, there was no way. Vanessa, a Master, did this to Embry? She was a Master, someone who was swornt o unhold the Keyblade and protect the worlds from darkness! How could she have done this to one of her comrades, an Apprentice no less! She swallowed thickly and in her head she could hear Isa 'tsk'ing, as if she had expected it to happen. Well, being the cold and emotionless Nobody something like betrayal must have come rather easily to her.

Hey! Uncalled for you rude little--

"Bad," Caesura murmured, his eyes going dark. The good Doctor never reacted to shocking news with overly emotional expressions, but Ana always knew that when his eyes grew troubled like that that things were serious. "I shall try, but Vanessa being a Master might have some skill that I am not aware of. Lumina, try Purify first."

The elemental nodded and suddenly the light around her grew brighter in intensity. A substance that looked a lot like a glowing mist started to spread out over Embry's body, much like how the darkness had wrapped itself around her. The tendrils were soft and bright, and when they touched the darkness it recoiled. If Anastasia had any guess then she would say that it almost looked as if the two elements were fighting each other. She had never seen anything like it before, ever. "Master, what is happening?" She asked, her confusion and uneasiness finally making her break her shell of silence. She nearly shrank awa when heads turned to her. She hated it when people stared.

However the Doctor gave her a gentle smile and instantly set her frayed nerves back in place. "Well, Purify is a spell that can remove the effects of darkness, more specifically curses or anything similar. There are a lot of different ways to heal someone where I come from, since differen elements have different healing properties. Lumina is a way of cleansing the spirit, if you wish to word it that way. If Light doesn't work then we can always try a different element."

Anastasia's mismatched eyes narrowed a little. She may not have known everything about her Master's homeworld and their unique brand of magic, but she knew a lot more than anyone else on Everlastia. "Isn't that dangerous?" she questioned. "You once told me that it takes energy for a spellcaster to summon an elemental, and the longer the elemental stays the more their energy is drained."

Caesure gave her a reassuring smile, one that held absolutely no trace of fatigue, but that might change as time went on. "Yes, you are right on all accounts, but I am quite alright. My Keyblade not only increases my magical potential, but I have been a magic user for many years. Even if that were not the case I would still do it for a patient." He waved a hand to Embry's still body.

((Juuust gonna keep shooting in the dark for the cure until I run out of ideas XDD))
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