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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

('Tis short, but pretty good. Gets her nature across pretty well XD)

Leaving the Endless Forest Only to Arrive at a Boring Village. Yaaaay.

Experiment narrowed her eyes as the forest all so abruptly ended. It was sudden and unexplained, as if all the trees decided to get up and walk, drawing a line so their brethren could not follow. It was rather mysterious and, in her amnesia addled opinion, not natural. Shaking her head, she kept her scythes in front of her, suspicion driving her to be on edge and ready to attack at the slightest provocation. Always be ready. Expect the unexpected...And if anyone attacks...Attack back! She had the urge to lick her scythe like a psychopath often did, but resisted it. The joy of battle excited her like nothing else, and she found she hoped someone would be willing to fight. It was far more satisfying than talking, and usually accomplished more too.

Examining the white walled buildings with humble little red roofs, she wasn't impressed. She had the distinct feeling she'd seen buildings far grander and amazing, so tall they made these but a speck on the ground. This village was weak, and she didn't need to be told to know. The doors looked...Rather fake. There were no windows on said buildings, either, which made her suspect it was abandoned. There was pavement on the ground in between the village, like a circular path. In the middle of that path was a beautiful fountain, although once again she had a feeling she had seen better. Although, now that she thought about it, she felt a slight tinge of thirst.

Approaching with the intention to maybe grab a drink, she stopped as she noticed four people...Two were currently sprawled on the ground, the result of a tackle. The other - she appeared to be part bird Pokemon - hung off to the side, while a larger than average Dewott held with her shells ready, on edge.

“Plllease tell me that you’re not locals,” she shouted loudly, although Experiment ignored her, turning her attention to the Pokemorph. They were similar, yet not. She was superior to this Pokemorph as she was a Ditto Morph, capable of taking on any form or shape she desired while she was stuck to the capabilities of the one she was mixed with. Unless I truly am flawed... The thought teased itself into her mind, and she snarled, shoving it down into oblivion, or so she thought. It continued to nag her, making her angry that it dared to say SHE was flawed!

"Hey you!" She pointed her scythe at the morph, annoyed. "Tell me, where am I? And don't you dare try any funny stuff...Or I'll gut you like a fish and string you up to dry! My patience is short, and I'm tired of walking!" Her voice rose and wavered, demanding and confident. She didn't care if the others heard - if they could answer it whereas this inferior morph could not, it would still meet her goal. With any luck, it'd appease her anger and she wouldn't wind up cutting her target into pieces for being useless.
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