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September 25, 2032
Berlin, Germany

Avian kept herself hidden as she listened to the chatter feeding through her radio from the base not too far away. The tone of the warnings had changed, becoming more urgent and frantic.

"Quit panicking and tell me what's going on." Avian growled, keeping to the shadows of the alley. She hated it when people got like this.

Her eyes grew wider as she listened to the news. Pure soldiers had boarded a train and were headed their way. Avian knew that they were here for them, and not for the Scouring. It was too early for that...They were probably packing some heavy weaponry as well.

"Send out a warning to all troops within this area." Avian said urgently "We're about to get hit hard..."

Katherine Areth
September 25, 2032
Berlin, Germany

The train slowed to a gradual stop, the brakes giving off a screech before letting of steam once it reached the station. Katherine glanced out at the town for a moment before turning and walking back into the main cabin of the train, glancing at all of the soldiers as they stood at attention.

"You all know what we're here for..." She said in her usual icy tone, her ice blue eyes moving from one soldier to the next "Don't let these things get away alive..."

Her eyes shifted to the doors as they slid open, revealing the town's train platform. She could see scared glances being shared among the townsfolk. They knew something was about to happen...

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