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Aria Delia | Sova
Infected..| Abomination

Standing at the outskirts of the city, Aria and Sova made an odd pair. One a human stuck in an animal's body, the other, one who fancied herself more animal stuck in a humanoid body. Whatever their inner feelings, most saw both of them as monsters due to their appearance, making their current task difficult. Travel through a crowded city would be difficult when they were being hunted and didn't exactly blend in. Aria had made up for this with a flowing black cloak and an intention to stick to the shadows, but Sova's appearance and size made hiding him impossible.
Aria had tried to tell him this, but he insisted he come, and now he was stuck hiding outside the city, waiting for her to return. "Wait here," Aira said pulling the hood of her cloak low. He gave a low groan of protest, but stayed put as she walked towards the city full of beings she wanted nothing more than to stay far away from.

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