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Default Re: Gosh Darn Pokemon Zombies! (Interest check/ SU)

Name: Lacher (LAY-ka)

Gender: Male

Species: Treecko

Attacks: Pound, leer, absorb, quick attack and leech seed.

Personality: Lacher is a very curious treecko who rarely fights. He enjoys being small and crawling into tight spots, and he uses his tail to actively swat away the poke balls thrown at him, for the sight of a treecko in Kanto is rare, and therefore he is always trying to be caught. His curiosity tends to get him in all sorts of trouble, but sometimes it leads him to good things. He likes hiding in tall grass and scuttling up trees, and one of his favourite things is acrobatics which aides him in escapes. He is quiet and thinks more than he talks, and has never really had a friend. He doesn't govern much fear, as he is very practical and seldom acts on emotion. However, he is sometimes selfless and will help someone in need if he thinks they're in trouble and he can wedge them out of it, but if things were to get too bad, he would escape and leave the person/pokemon who was in trouble to fend for themselves. Although he is courageous and will help if need be, ultimately he values himself above others. He sees this not as selfish (in fact, he's never thought of it that way), but logical.

History: One day, a pelipper in Hoenn offered to take an egg from a mother grovyle to another region where he would grow up out of way of certain threats in Hoenn, with other grass type pokemon. However, little did the mother know that the same "threats" (humans) lurked in other regions, and Lacher didn't end up with a family after the pelipper accidentally hatched the egg (he hatched in her beak) and she ended up being captured and he was left to fend for himself from a very young age. Ever since, he has avoided capture and become adept at sneaking around undetected, stealing or catching food and wandering Kanto in search of a life goal or purpose.

Other: Because he is a treecko and has miniature hooks on his paw pads, he can crawl up walls. He is very easily knocked down, though, and he cannot hold his weight forever.

I can't wait to write about him. c:

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