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Talking Nemmz Trade Shop!

Greetings all,

I am opening a trade shop, for all your breeding and trade needs. I can offer shinies, legendaries, rare Pokemon, flawless, redis and non redis, and of course, breeding requests.

Requests should be clear, I want to know:
Name of Pokemon
Moveset (this also means eggmoves, obviously)
Shiny? y/n
Flawless? y/n
Redis? y/n

If your request is not clear, I won't answer it.

If you want the mover and father to be specific pokemon, let me know as well. If you happen to have a pokemon you would like me to use as a parent, please specify.

I myself am currently seeking:

Any nature
Stored Power if possible, if not that's fine.
No need to be shiny
No need to be flawless
Don't care if its redis or not.

If you do not have that specific pokemon but still want to place a request, don't hesitate to do so!
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