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September 25, 2032
Berlin, Germany
9:47 a.m.

Zel Mzro

Confusion. Madness. Concealment. Survival.

Zel's eyes snapped open, then squinted slightly as his eyes struggled to adjust to the beginning of his morning. He began to push himself from the brick wall that he had propped himself onto for the night. The fresh, crisp air of the morning gusted a wind through the rips of his robes and caused him to shiver. His mind had always craved the cold, but he knew his body needed warmth, especially because of his loss of energy due to the lack of a decent meal lately. From the depths of the bleak alley, Zel observed the daily bustling commute of humans, if they could even be called that still, on the streets of Berlin.

Idiots. All of you. he thought to himself. It wasn't that he hated them, it was just his jealousy- that they could live as normal of a life as they could in this city without fear of falling to the ground dead upon being sighted by a Pure. No, they were not the ones with a demonic body such as his. As a demonstration to no one, Zel closed his eyes and lowered his head. A great pair of jet black wings erupted from his upper back and in one sudden, fluid motion exploded into his full wingspan, reaching around seven feet. He didn't need to remember that people may be watching, his energy had already drained from him just from the meager task. After a moment, the broad wings had returned inside his body, folding closely and making a slurping noise on their way in. Zel needed food, as soon as possible.

Despite this, however, he made no rush to leave the alley. Zel knew that every day was just another chance at being found. And while he knew his chances of escaping from a Pure's line of sight were fairly decent, he would never know what the next chance might bring. He reached inside his robe and felt the cool metal of his shiv. Its weight bringing the lean figure comfort. He assumed his inconspicuous position with his hands at his sides, walking with a slight limp, face towards the ground and stepped into the city clamor. If anyone had ever caught sight of his eyes.. But before the thought had completely crossed his mind, his body was lost among the flood of humans.
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