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Default Re: SuperUltraZekrom -VS- Foxamivalth

We reached the underwater platform, and as soon as the trainers reached their “coons” where they could watch and command the battlers with air and free of the pressure, after taking the appropriate care with the Pokemon, the battle started


Happiny ()
Ability: Serene Grace
HP and Energy: 100 | 100
Orders: Sub@25% / Sub@X% ~ Endeavor

Super Ultra Zekrom

[Blast] Wartortle (Male)
Ability: Torrent
HP and Energy: 100|100
Mood: Let’s get this over with quick
Orders Water Spout ~ Hydro Pump

Wartortle then started, underwater he was at home, and he clearly had the advantage, his body began to glow in a light blue light, until then he shot a massive water pillar at Happiny, or so he would if they weren’t underwater, Happiny was hit by the wave’s shock though, not having enough, Wartortle, launched another blast, this time weaker, but it still did some damage on Happiny.
(Wartortle -30 NRG; Happiny -30 HP)
Happiny then went for a counterattack, first she focused and with her energy, a little doll was made, she then hid, Wartortle wasn’t trying to attack anymore, so he didn’t see the change, and just waited for the attack, the then weakened, she then started to glow white and white until it was flashing, and as it was a curse, she passed it on to Wartortle, he could feel his life being drained, after a while, the light was gone, and so was the turn
(Happiny -25 HP, - 22 NRG; Wartortle -55 HP)


Happiny ()
Ability: Serene Grace
HP and Energy: 45 | 78
Mood: That hurt, you know

Super Ultra Zekrom

[Blast] Wartortle (Male)
Ability: Torrent
HP and Energy: 45 | 70
Mood: WTF just happened? ; +1ATT, +1SpAtt, +1SPD

Arena Notes:
Due to arena effect, Squirtle receive a speed, attack and special attack boost

Ref Notes:
Water Spout ~ Crit roll 1919/625-
Acc Roll 62/100+

Hydro Pump ~ Crit roll 2721/625-
Acc Roll 57/80+

Foxamivalth, please give your attacks

Current VPP: Kadabra Re-Evolves @: 140 Max @ : 320

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