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Originally Posted by Sand View Post
My Sign Up


Name: Zel Mzro

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Raven

Personality: The word "distant" is a great adjective to describe this figure. This slim, bleak creature never had a particular taste for meeting new people. It wasn't that he despised any other being besides himself, it was mostly that Zel had no reason to become attached; it was likely that he would never see the same person twice again. In addition, added persons would just complicate his own stealthy nature. Contrary to Zel's aloof behavior, he is quite the charismatic fellow. He tends to elude conflict by attempting to use simple smooth-talk, which is surprisingly moderately effective. As a result, Zel conceals only an old, battered shiv in his tattered robes, in case the need for it ever arises. Along with his charisma, Zel favors himself highly in his abilities as a tactician, able to "think on his feet."

Appearance: That's right, Black Bird style.

Other: Zel's original home was an English-speaking village on the Asian continent. His parents had become infected by the bacterial strain and, after forcing Zel to flee to Berlin, Germany in hopes of a better chance of life, were murdered by a swift team of Pures. More notably, Zel has not had the chance to forage for a gas mask, he only wears a black mask, which he knows will be quite the liability if intense combat arises with a Pure soldier.

Lovely sign up! About time we got someone else with wings up in here!


Go ahead and post!

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