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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Daniel Conleth
Undecided, Recruit
Outside the Great Hall

"No, this isn't the end. This is a guild for Keyblade Wielders. The world we're on is called Everlastia. I'm like you—this isn't my homeworld either. I'm from one of the eight kingdoms on Vesperia called Cloud", explained Gotin to Daniel, who was now beginning understand his circumstances. What had occurred was no malfunction or accident, but an act of fate which had brought him to this world instead of his intended destination. It seemed as though some inter-dimensional force was at work here, which brought Daniel to this realm for some reason of which he was extremely unclear, with the exception of its relation to his blade.

"No one here is going to hurt you or your wolf friend. I know I won't hurt you two. I can't say that with Vesperia still in my hand", Gotin then continued, looking directly at Dawn. Gotin, through some form of sorcery, made his blade vanish, doing so as he dropped it from his hand.

"What you saw was that our Keyblade's can disappear when we don't need them and reappear when we do", Gotin explained in a vague manner. The reasons behind this weren't exactly explained, but then again Gotin was just as new to these elements as Daniel was. Nodding silently, Daniel signaled an understanding of this.

Continuing his queries, Gotin moved along to a different subject.

"How did you get here? Did a seeker bring you here? If not you might never get back to your homeworld without the world book", he explained to Daniel. Daniel did not understand what Gotin meant by a "seeker", but he could ascertain that it was some type of guide that the boy referred to. The "world book" was also new to Daniel, and he pondered whether it was a type of spell book used for crossing dimensions.

"I came with no guide to this realm, but found it when I delved through an End Portal. I have no sort of book on me, and I don't understand how a book can help me get home at all. I don't think I should try and leave just yet though", Daniel explained, in a more relaxed tone of voice. He did in fact want to explore this new realm, partly out of curiosity and partly out of the realization that he was in some way meant to be here at this moment. One door had shut in Daniel's face, but with the keyblade in his hands he could open another door to something greater.

It was then in the middle of this exchange that, suddenly, the doors of the great keep opened wide, like the maw of a stone beast. The creaking monstrosity startled both Daniel and Dawn, and they looked immediately towards the source of the disturbance.

"Hey!", exclaimed a red-headed young woman, walking briskly towards the two. An air of authority surrounded her, and Daniel briefly wondered whether she was the guard of this town. She was older than Daniel, and possessed a muscular build. Another feature, even more noticeable than the first, was a large reptilian tail protruding from her body. Daniel had seen nothing like it in his lifetime, and he could not look away from the feature.

"How did you get here?", she then asked sternly as she reached both Daniel and Gotin. This snapped Daniel's eyes away from the odd appendage, and towards the woman it belonged to.

"Through a portal in my homeworld. I found myself in the woods back down this road, and then walked along the path to reach this area.

"And you. Did you see him arrive?", the beast-woman then asked Gotin, inquiring further into the circumstances that brought Daniel here. He was suspicious as to why she wanted to know these things.

"Who are you anyways? You've provided no explanation as to why you need to ask these questions, and yet you have provided no information to the purpose of said questions and your own identity. Tell me, what do you want?", Daniel then asked, stepping back from the woman. He wanted to know her motives before he divulged more information.

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