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Default Re: SuperUltraZekrom -VS- Foxamivalth

Happiny, your foe is underestimating you. Let's show him that you are more monstrous than him!

First, ignore the turtle, don't do anything just yet. When he finishes launching 2 moves at you, you start your action by making a doll of yourself to fool that foolish turtle. But note that if your HP is higher than 25%, maximize the doll's HP (25), if your HP is less than 25%, make the doll with any HP that leave your HP at 1%.
And, let's damage him like crazy using Endeavor. >:D

Substitute* ~ Endeavor

EDIT: just to make it clearer, I didn't ask Happiny to avoid the attack done by Wartortle. I asked her to ignore, in that case, just take anything coming to her without avoiding. Sorry if you're confused of the above command.

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