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Default Re: Opinions on the President?

Originally Posted by narphoenix View Post
Ten reasons Obama should be elected back into office:
  1. He is our best alternative.
  2. He is helping our economy to recover
  3. The economic recovery would have probably been faster had the Republicans in the Capitol not voted against most of the things Obama was trying to do to fix this place.
  4. He pulled our troops from Iraq.
  5. In case you missed it, it was under him that Osama bin Laden was killed dead.
  6. He is a leader. He has charisma, and embodies the change he advocates.
  7. When was the last time you heard of an Al-Qaeda attack on the US?
  8. He is trying to fight the blatant corruption in the health care system.
  9. It's (the economy) recovering too slowly? So what? He said as much from day one.
  10. He knows what he's doing.

Now please, let's return to sanity.
1. Being the best alternative when compared to the likes of Bachmann and Romney isn't exactly stellar.

2. He's done little to help the economy in the past 3 years and only now has unemployment rates have dropped. By the virtue of his insisting of bipartisan victories, he has instead caused Republicans to pass more Republican-esque bills in more extreme-right-wing measures than if a Republican president was in office.

3. See 2. Obama had majority and had the ability to get past any fillibuster in the first half of his term. He didn't.

4. We still have troops in Iraq in a number of bases (the actual numbers I've forgotten).

5. It doesn't really matter that Osama died in his administration, since that was the actual work of US intelligence. Sooner or later Osama would have been killed anyway. We really don't know if that would be the case if McCain was in office.

6. What change? He has the charisma and he didn't deliver on a number of the biggest promises he made during the campaign.

7. Bush era. Then again, during the time Obama had become president, he was deceptively a great president for something like a full year before people started catching on.

8. How? Insurance companies are just as corrupt as ever. Drug companies are still charging exuberant amounts of money for drugs. Hospital costs are still rising at twice the inflation rate. Uninsured people are still screwed. Underinsured people are often even more screwed. He even created a donut hole that screwed a ton of people. Us physicians are even more screwed than before, with some of us essentially having to switch professions because we can't make money to cover for the costs of upkeep. He promised public option and failed to deliver. He didn't even bothered doing tort reform.

9. The bills he was passing was counterproductive to economic recovery. Kaynsian economics make sense only to a certain point, but there were major downsides to this tactic. In any case, companies were able to essentially take interest-free loans to try and make more money out of, but that was not trickling down. That is, trickle down economics does not work. Obama, instead of trying to find a different solution to the problem, trusted Ben Nelson. Guess where that guy went.

10. I'm afraid of the implications of that. With the NDAA signing and the existence of SOPA, I hope you know what I'm talking about.

In essence, we are to treat this Obama guy as any other politician. He is no different from any of the rest. At the moment, however, he is the lesser of the evils, though at this point it might just be a better idea to actually put someone who will nuke the heck out of the government system...Ron Paul. I shudder at that possibility as well.
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