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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

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Everlastia, Outside of the Mess Hall---> Outside of the Great Hall,

Freya pushed past more than a few people to get out of the building. A few gave her irritated looks and muttered insults, but she ignored them. She had a place to be.

Too bad she didn't know where her 'place to be' was.

She shoved open the door of the Mess Hall and emerged out onto the pathway in between the buildings and into sunlight. The day was warm, but not hot. Good climate. It seemed like everything in Everlastia was eternally ideal. She supposed that it made it a good place to be a base, but for some reason it had always unsettled Freya. It was unnatural for her, even though she had lived her most of her life. She shook her head and moved at a brisk pace, towards the Great Hall. She had a feeling that was the place. She moved past the Tree of Blessings- there was a crowd there. She gave the Tree a passing glance, but she didn't focus too much on it. The Tree was another thing that felt unnatural. Trees just shouldn't grow that large. Unless there was magic. Magic changed everything. She shook her head and returned to her path.


Two young boys. One looked vaguely familiar, and she quickly decided that he wasn't the one that had caused the disturbance. But the other she had certainly never seen. She gave him a quick scan with her eyes. Tanned skin, brown hair. An air of uncertainty. She also noticed that there was a wolf. This gave Freya pause. She blinked, shook her head. It was a lone wolf. If it became a problem, she could handle it.

"Hey!" She barked out. She didn't wait for a response as she ran up to the two. She stopped in front of them, eying the boys and wolf warily. She inhaled- not to catch her breath, but to calm and order her thoughts. "How did you get here?" It wasn't a polite question. It was a demand. She narrowed her eyes at the boy, then turned to the one who she knew belonged at Everlastia. "And you. Did you see him arrive?"

Freya supposed the boys had been puzzling over her first question themselves. But she needed to know.

Cail Atean
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Everlastia, Mess Hall

“Good, Maybe then you’ll look straight ahead, this place is crowded, stop inspecting the floor. You’ll only cause more collisions like that.”

“Ailith!” Someone reprimanded the woman- Cail supposed her name was Ailith. He involuntarily flinched. He hated this. He dropped his head a little more instinctively- but no. That wasn't going to prove anything. ...Not that Cail really had anything to prove. Except that maybe to show that he wasn't really a total idiot.

"Doesn't matter where I look," he said flatly, straightening. Cail ran a hand through his hair, brushing the bangs out of his face. He supposed she could see his scars, but maybe she had already turned away. He didn't want pity.

Then again, she didn't seem the type to hand it out.

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