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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Aarilyn DX4002
Forest Town

Aarilyn took a deep breath once she slipped into the town, gladly leaving behind the crowded sea of trees. Forests were okay, as far as forests went, but Aarilyn felt so trapped within it—surrounded on all sides by trunks that almost seemed like bars on a prison cell, and the lush green canopies blotted out the brilliant blue sky like a heavy blanket. For some reason, she felt a strange connection to the sky, as if a part of her was waiting for her above. It sounded ludicrous, but she was more at ease now that she could get a good look around her.

Not that there was much to speak of.

The town certainly seemed… primitive. Several buildings were centered around something at the heart of the clearing (currently out of her view), with their white, concrete walls glaringly bright in the afternoon sun. Their red roofs weren’t built too high up from the ground, which made Aarilyn wonder if a bunch of midgets inhabited this place. Which might not be so bad for herself, since she was only 4’8”.

The ground the buildings rested on seemed quite… unusual. It was almost like gravel, but… not quite. Aarilyn had no memory of this type of pavement, but she assumed that it was safe to walk on. The Dewott made her way deeper into the town, taking in everything around her with a keen eye. Something about this place wasn’t quite right.

For one, there were no people.

Were they just shy? Aarilyn frowned, wondering what was going on. Undaunted, she made her way up to the closest door and politely knocked on the door.

No answer.

Losing all protocol, she pounded on the door and went for the handle.

“Tch,” she grunted as the handle refused to budge. “Give me a break…”

Abandoning the door, she walked out into the center of the clearing, where a pool of crystal clear water glittered in the sunlight. The day seemed so pristine, so crisp… Why wouldn’t anyone be out enjoying a day like this? Was the village abandoned? Didn’t seem that run-down… Maybe… it was attacked.

With this latter thought, Aarilyn’s paws drifted down to her thighs, where her weapons patiently waited to be called on. Something wasn’t right, that much was for sure. But if anything tried to mess with her, they’d get a reckoning they wouldn’t soon forget.


The sudden exclamation set Aarilyn’s nerves off like a gun. She darted around, lazers at the ready, prepared to shoot the living daylights off of anyone who dared to ambush her. The shout, however, came from a very gangly teenager who had flung himself at a very strange-looking young woman. Aarilyn cautiously lowered her weapon, since the duo seemed to have not quite noticed her yet. Her face slowly crinkled into a disgusted scowl as she considered them. How had she not notice them before?

“Plllease tell me that you’re not locals,” she shouted loud enough for them to hear.


Forest Town


Windflower saw something blur past her vision, racing eagerly towards the village up ahead. She paused a moment, surprised by the sudden appearance of another creature. Since arriving in this strange place, she had not seen any other signs of life—but now, she could see them. Several others were slowly emerging from the forest, making their way to the village as well. The Braviary Calatuwa thought this very strange, but at the same time wondered if perhaps these strangers were not much unlike her. Some seemed to walk with a strange daze, as if unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Perhaps… was this a Gathering?

The young woman allowed her eyes to drift to the village itself—which was curious all on its own. The dwellings were constructed out of the most unusual substance. Windflower wasn’t sure if she trusted her assumptions, but it seemed to be made out of rock. Not carved, though—it was too sharp and clean to be so. And the ground they rested on… that too seemed unnatural. It looked like a bunch of smooth river rocks melted into the ground. They others were walking on it, so it seemed safe, but…

Finally detaching herself from the forest, Windflower drifted into the village clearing like a silent specter, choosing not to speak unless spoken directly to. This situation required more observance and deliberation, and Windflower chose to watch and wait.

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