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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures [G] ~ At least one new comic every week!

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post


Make sure you take advantage of the glorious moment and back up ALL the things!

Good. o: (XD Lawl.) Okay, well that's good. Avast actually saved me from a few virusy sites yesterday when I was looking for anime to download--I MEAN, PURCHASE LEGALLY. *shifty eyes* xD

Hooray! Derpious shall not succeed!

Aaaaaaaaand now I have terrible news...
>Installed Avast
>Avast finds a suspicious hidden file
>about to issue DELETE command
>computer blue screens on me
>bring computer to local shop
>rootkit issue. Going to be about a week and about $100
..........I knew this day was going to get worse....

Sorry everyone... No comic this week. Maybe not even next week... My parents' computer doesn't have ANY of my files on them, and I left that nice new 500gb storage unit with the shop to scan just to make sure I won't put the virus back on my computer...

I think Derpious was successful this time...

Gonna be gone for a while... Not sure when I'll be back... Gonna miss Pe2K while my laptop is out for service. If anybody wants to talk, they can send me a message on facebook. I can access facebook from my cell phone... I can view Pe2K too, but I can't sign in.

See you guys (and girls) later
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