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Default Re: .:Infection:. -- [SU/DS]

Name: unknown/secret Goes by the nickname Rho.
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Cheetah
Personality: Rho keeps quiet, and keeps to himself. Trust doesn't come easily to him, which is normal for an infected, but he takes it to the extreme. He will not even talk to someone unless it is life or death. He doesn't follow instructions well, due to his untrusting nature, which has lead to him being a loner, alienated from all groups, infected to pure. If forced to talk, he's too the point, not saying more than necessary. In combat, he has always had 1 priority: escape. He's not one who's going to stick around for a fight longer than he needs too.

Appearance: Tall and lanky, Rho stands at 6'0. He has a well muscled frame, but that's not exactly the first feature people notice when they seem him. Rho has very short hair covering all of his body, which has the coloration of a cheetahs coat. His head looks almost fully like that of a cheetahs, with an elongated snout, sharp angular lines, and all the normal cheetah coloration. He also has a long tail which is around three feet long. His hands have remained mostly human like, except for two details. First, they are covered in fur like the rest of his body, and second, there long claws protruding from the spaces between his pinkie/ring, ring/middle, and middle/pointer fingers. These claws, while always "extended" do not protrude from his hands, unless his hands are balled up into a, in which case they protrude about 1 inch, giving his punches a more dangerous edge, and giving him the ability to give an opponent a nasty scratch, if need be. His feet, on the other hand, are much more like that of a cheetahs, with permanent claws, foot pads, and fur.

When not wearing his urban survival clothes, Rho wears nothing but a slightly ripped black tee-shirt and a pair of black cargo pants, and a large brown backpack on his back. However, when forced to go into human populated environments, he adds a black hooded sweatshirt, with the hood always put up, a red bandanna to cover his snout, black gloves, a pair of fake boots that he modified himself, and blue contacts, all in an effort to prevent his capture and to prevent further contamination of other humans.
Other: Rho can run, and run fast. Easily outpacing normal humans, Rho, if need be can sprint at a speed of 35 mph for a period of time of about ten minutes. However, unlike a cheetah, he has more endurance and so can run almost indefinitely at a speed of around 15 mph, as long as he has some source of food to keep his energy up.

Name: Serenity
Species: (what type of animal genes are fused with theirs?)
Appearance: (Remeber, you are being hunted so you do not have very good clothes. They will most likely be torn in some places or stitched up, ect. Think post-apocalypse steampunk. ALL INFECTED HAVE AMBER EYES. IT IS A SIDE AFFECT OF THE BACTERIA IN THEIR SYSTEM.)

Alright, one down, but I gotta do some homework, so expect the other one after my homework is done. I'll just edit my post. See you all in the rp soon!
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