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SEPTEMBER 25, 2032
9:47 a.m.

Kasey stood calmly on the train, looking at the scenery rushing by him as if it was just some picture. He was on a train with his armor in place and his weapons on their holsters. Berlin...a Pure dominant town and we here must protect the humans. They are beasts and as such must be disposed of. They cause nothing but harm to society and logically our only solution is to get rid of them all. Kasey was sure of what he wanted to do and that was to help eliminate the beasts at all costs. He was at the end of the train just staring out the window of the train, a bit further away from the rest of the soldiers. This is how Kasey liked it, being alone and not having to interact with anyone. He just had to stay focused and on guard at all times.


Roxy stood with armor on and her weapons correctly in place as she always had them. She enjoyed traveling because she would gaze at the scenery no matter how bleak she always somehow found some relief in it. Most of the soldiers were standing there in silence and seriousness. She let out a soft giggle everyone now and then as she thought of funny things in her head. She enjoyed observing the creatures and there manner of living. She didn't see them as monsters and beasts as the majority of people did, she saw them as very unique humans. Most of those who knew Roxy, were used to her childish behavior and accepted it. Others disliked Roxy for not taking things as seriously as she should, but she was okay with it. She looked around at all the rest of the soldiers and saw how serious they all were acting. "I guess maybe it's time to be serious..." she whispered to herself glumly. So then she focused on staying alert and on guard as everyone else. Roxy didn't like behaving like everyone else but she had to do it.
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