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Hey look, a new auction!

You should all know the rules by now, but here they are anyway:

-Bids start at $1000.
-Bid increasements must be at least $100 and at most $5,000.
-Only bid if you have the money for it.
-The last person to bid gets the prize and has a week to claim it.
-All bids are non-retractable. If he/she can't claim the prize after the time period, he/she will have the money removed from his/her stats accordingly without getting the auctioned item.
-Auctions will happen whenever they happen, please have patience.
-Auctions will last for one week (exactly one week from the start of an auction post)
-Auctions will run through both PE2K and BMG threads. The highest bidder out of both threads will be the winner. Pay attention to the highest legal bid out of both threads when you make your own bid, or your bid may not count.

And the Pokemon up for auction is...



Bidding starts at $1,000
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