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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

A rich, invincible idiot...*shivers* Scary.

*pats back* It'll be okay. ^_^

Haha, most people can't stand OCs, if only because of all the illiterate people out there who create the worst Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus EVAR that everyone loves and is perfect in every single way and can be graced with naturally wild-colored hair/fur in realistic settings. I love comments regarding actually well-written OC fics that remark "I usually don't like OCs, but (Insert name here) was actually very well-written and characterized and fit into this fanfic very well..." because people tend to sound overly happy or awed by the fact that some people can have decent OCs that aren't Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus. I have had this happen to me, if only once because stubborn people on FFNet don't like to comment. It was in regards to another OC of mine, Amber, who appeared in my first finished fanfic ever, in the Kingdom Hearts fandom.

Hi there. I'm glad I got some recognition seeing as Anya and Rayna won't be getting it as you originally intended, considering you believe their fic would "incite major KH fan RAGE" as you say. They rip apart the belief Sora needs to save everyone in the end, I'm just a kinda meaningless background story, but I don't mind. I got a somewhat happy ending and freedom from my illness at last.

I have no idea where her character idea came from, but it pushed me to finish her fic. XD

You have interesting char ideas, Grassy, but that's just you in general. Never boring with you and your chars around!

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