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Default .:Infection:.

A Post-Apocalyptic Role Play

Alright everyone, here is the main RP! Please have fun with this and remember the general rules!

1. No Godmodding-Bunnying
2. Keep language to PG-13
3. Violence is allowed, but don't go ripping people's guts out
4. Romance is allowed but, again, keep it to a kiddie friendly rating
5. Have fun!

Here we go! *drumroll*


September 25, 2032
Berlin, Germany
9:47 a.m.

Avian knelt silently in the shadows of one of Berlin's many rooftops. The sun had risen a good ways, casting an orange glow over the small city. People were already moving around in the streets, some making their way to the nearby trains for work, others simply stretching their legs. But they all had one thing in common. Gas masks adorned each of their faces.

"Just like them..." Avian muttered with distaste, her hate clearly showing in those few words.

Pure influence was high and completely recognizable in Berlin. Why wouldn't it be? One of the Infected's main bases was only a few miles from here, and though they had tried to be quiet about it, they couldn't exactly go unnoticed all the time. They had to watch their tread here.

Standing up carefully, Avian pushed herself over the side of the roof and into a dark alley, folding her wings tightly to her back in the half-light. She had to be careful. Unlike some of the others, she was unable to hide her wings.

"All units, use extreme caution." She muttered into the radio headset that she wore "We don't want anyone getting caught today, and it looks like the roads are heavy with Pures."

Katherine stood with her hands clasped behind her back as she watched the countryside of Germany speed by, staring at nothing in particular as he mind wandered to their destination.

Berlin was a Pure town now, mostly. Those who lived there feared the Infection and its carriers enough to attempt to eradicate them should they be given the sufficient manpower. Which was just what they were going to get. Some of Katherine's best soldiers were on the high speed train with her and her lieutenants, and they were packing heavy guns.

"You'd better be ready..." Katherine growled, her ice blue eyes narrowing as her quiet voice was almost hidden by the rumble of the train "You and the other sick beasts can't hide from us for long..."

((OOC: All Infected will be in or around Berlin at this time, attempting to gather supplies, information, ect. If you are in the BASE (several miles east of Berlin), you will have knowledge of the train before anyone in Berlin due to technology. Pures, you are on that train ready to kick some infected tail))

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