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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

Indeed. FLAYM. He kicks butt. He's like a fusion of several of my character's personalities XD

Other original characters are Twisted Tornadic Terror (Triple T), designed for The Armada for the most recent WAR RP. She's an insane, flying bullet train. Yes, you heard right. A train. That flies.

Cyclo, a tornado that is only able to be sentient thanks to a curse placed on him to force him to feel emotions other than the mindless desire to destroy all tornadoes have (they aren't considered people, but monsters. ALL OF THEM are uncontrollable. This curse lets him experience other emotions. See? Curses aren't always bad, even if it limits his strength).

I also have Cyan the Dragon, a cutie who speaks in third person ("Cyan hungry!") and is very young. He can only spit embers, but it seems he has a hidden power inside him... Chaperoned by Dusty the Velocidragon and Cricket the Grasshopper (does not speak).
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