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A little later than later than expected, but here they are.

Name: Aria Delia
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Siberian Tiger
Personality: From a young age, Aria loved animals. As an adult she realized that she preferred them to humans. Before being infected, she worked studying Russian wildlife, spending most of her time far from civilization. When she became Infected she was, if nothing else, happy. She relocated to the Black Forest in Germany and spent her time happily living amongst the animals. She doesn't speak much, preferring actions to words. She is not very trusting of anyone but animals, even Infected and Abominations as they are human at heart. She particularly dislikes Pures, who, as far as she is concerned, embody all the worst traits of humans, and would help a stranger or even an enemy to fight them. She has a bit of a temper and is easily irritated by stupidity.
Appearance: Aria stands at over six foot tall. She is covered from head to foot in a short layer of light orange fur, with white on her belly and around her eyes. She has the ears and tail of a tiger, her legs are more closely proportioned to those of a feline, and her feet are those of a tiger, retractable claws and all. Luckily her hands are humanoid, except for gaining the claws of a cat. Her facial features greatly resemble those of a tiger, with a broad flat nose and feline eyes, as well as whiskers. She wears simple leather armor that really provides little protection especially against firearms, but allows for easy movement. She carries a sword on her belt, but prefers hand to hand combat.

Name: Sova (Real Name Unknown)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Ussuri Brown Bear/Eurasian Eagle Owl
Personality: Sova is no where near as accepting of his new form as Aria. He is envious of even her for her humanoid body. He desperately wants his original form back and hopes eventually to find a cure. He is very friendly, even to strangers, though his new body has made him more wary, and he absolutely hates Pures. He is forgiving and big on second chances. He is very protective of friends, especially Avia, who save his life by helping him to defeat a group of Pures. He is very loyal and hates deception. He would prefer you shoot to kill than talk to trick. In spite of his animal body, he is still human at heart and finds he's quite fond of Aria, though she doesn't seem to realize or return the feeling.
Appearance: Standing on all four feet, Sova in almost four and a half feet at the shoulder. Standing on his back claws, he reaches nine feet. His front half is that of a bear, his back, of a bird. The feathers of his back half reach his shoulders on his back, but closer to his belly, they do not reach as far forward. He has the back claws of an owl, as well as the tail. His front paws are those of a bear. His most notable features are his wings. Though very large, his wings cannot fully account for his predominately bear-shaped body. He can hover a few feet off the ground with effort, slow a fall, or use them to allow him to jump, but he tends to use them mostly to smack enemies in battle. The fur on his front half is dark brown-black, and his feathers are mottled browns and black.
Other: Due to his lack of an ability to speak, Aria did not know his name and took to calling him Sova, Russian for owl.

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