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Default Re: Kim Jong Il is dead?

The pointless things written in bold don't change the similarities.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Those "similarities" happened before the game came out. It would be mind boggling if they were all insane predictions, but none of them aren't. If you are going to say it is a Homefront-esque scenario, there had better be similarities of events that actually have meaning.
Now I clearly see what your problem is. You apparently don't know the difference between a similarity and a prediction, so you're acting as though they're the same thing.

While three of the five events did happen before the release of the game, the point still stands. But just because they were made before its release doesn't erase the fact that they are similar. If I were arguing that Homefront was an accurate prediction of the future, then those events would carry no weight, for the sole fact that they took place in the past. But I'm not. You've spiraled right back into your consistent loop of debunking the theory of this being a "homefront-esque" scenario when, again, no one has argued that. Somehow you just can't seem to comprehend the fact that I'm calling them similar based on some key events and the timing of those events. Nothing more.

I've found a way to make this simpler for you. Imagine yourself watching a movie with two friends. In this movie, there are also three kids and they're in some house doing something. It's 12:10 am, and one friend leaves to bring some popcorn and drinks, but trips and drops them, with the drinks spilling all over one friend's phone and it stops working. In "real life", it's 12:07 (almost the same time) and one of your three friends has already left to bring refreshments, so he didn't see that happen. He comes back with none other than popcorn and drinks and trips over something. The snacks fall on the ground and the drinks waste all over your second friend's phone and it stops working. Your second friend points out the obvious and says, "Hey that just happened! At almost the same time too!" So there are two important similarities between the video and real life. The first is that your friend brought the same snacks at almost the same time. The second is that he drops them, wasting them on your friend's phone. Now let's really stop and think about this for a second...

Well how are you going to respond? Are you really going to turn and say, "No, they're not similar because this movie would never play out in real life and don't predict the future!"...? Even though your friend said nothing about the future and was merely pointing out some obvious, strange similarities? How would these two friends react to such an awkward and completely misguided statement? It's so completely wrong and out of place because it shows a lack of the ability to observe and process what just appeared before your very eyes and discern it as something that actually happened, and nothing more. And unfortunately, it's exactly what you're doing.

That is like saying that World War II is similar to Call of Duty 2.
Wait, so is Saving Private Ryan not similar to World War II? Just because it happened in the past? See I'm not even sure what this statement is here for other than to compound more wrong information into your post.

Also yes, Call of Duty 2 is similar to World War II, because it actually took place during World War II. D-Day happened, those weapons were used, and those people were at the same place. They are similar. Whether they happened before or after one another means absolutely nothing. There's no predictions or anything involved. I'm sorry, but it's a truth that you're going to have to accept.
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