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Default Re: Kim Jong Il is dead?

Originally Posted by Exon Auxus View Post

Then allow me to clarify for what may be the fourth time. I'll outline this in the most simplistic way possible for you. I'll do my best to carry you most of the way, but you're going to have to actually try to understand this.

I've already given you a series of similarities, and unification wasn't one. Also unification wasn't in the first minute of that video that I pointed out, making it irrelevant to this argument anyway (I never argued about unification anyway?). Done.

Now let's make this as crystal clear as it possibly can be:

-North Korean's sank the South Korean Cheonan in 2010 and killed forty six. It's in the article, in the opening scene. Check it out.

Homefront came out March, 2011. That has no merit.

-North Korea was doing atomic testing. Right there in the article, right there in the opening scene.

North Korea has been doing so for years.

-Kim Jong Il died. Right there in the article, right there in the video, at relatively the same time.

His bad health has also be known of for years.

-His son will be succeeding him. Right there in the article, right there in the video.

That was a "no der" scenario.

-It's even implied in this article that "North Koreas weapons program continues to intensify", because apparently they won't stop building missiles until they get aid. In order to catch this, one has to look at that information a little more thoroughly than not at all. So again, right there in the article, right there in the video.

Well there's five similarities right off the bat. What I was initially doing was pointing out the clear similarities between recent events and that opening scene. The multiple similarities are outlined for you here. More than one. All of that silly arguing about whether or not the story can and will play out is for another, more superstitious person at another time.

Those "similarities" happened before the game came out. It would be mind boggling if they were all insane predictions, but none of them aren't. If you are going to say it is a Homefront-esque scenario, there had better be similarities of events that actually have meaning.

That is like saying that World War II is similar to Call of Duty 2.
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