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Default Re: Fan Character and Original character discussion

Psssst. No double posting :)

Yeah. I like the idea behind him, though.

Unlike me, who...Well, I guess I have my own way. Any of my characters, while belonging to SEGA usually, except a few notable exceptions (Skye, I'm looking at you! Although he was based on "what if this..." in terms of Nazo. Nazo would have become Skye had he not died at such a young age. SPLIT TIMELINES ROCK), have their own personalities and powers.

Shadow, for instance, is a bit wiser and less violent (just a little), but has the ability to manipulate Chaos Energy far better than SEGA's version. He can also turn into a dragon (answering how they went from a lizard to a hedgehog, lol.).

Sonic...Eh, my Sonic is a little more violent and sometimes serious. Fwee~ I adore his personality in "Eternity of Time", for the few chapters he's appeared in (he didn't appear until around chapter 60 or so XD). A goofball, really. How Flaym (his Rapidash) puts up with him is anyone's guess.
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