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Default Information - Pure and Infected

Here it is everyone! If you want to learn more, please PM me! This is just the basics and gives you an idea of what each side has to offer.

This RP will be taking place in EUROPE


Area of Inhabitance


Though they live all over the world, the most concentrated “clan” of Infected is in central Europe, in France, Germany, and Poland (others are spread over the rest of Europe, however). They reside in bunkers they have either built themselves or have been able to scavenge from the old times. It is very rare for an Infected to live in a populated town or city, but if their traits are not evident and they lay low, some can survive among society without detection.


The Pures’ main area of residence is Russia, where a building called the White Spire resides. This building is the main area of operations for the Pure leader and her subordinates. Though they are usually patrolling Europe, it is the main port for the Dreadnought fleet as well. High speed trains are used to cross the continent and they usually all converge on the White Spire, though usually only Pure soldiers stay on the trains long enough to actually arrive in Russia. The Pures have also set up residence in various cities across Europe, making sure everyone is “protected”.

The Scouring

The Pures conduct a search every month or so, traveling to each and every town they can. The people in the town are tested heavily, and if they show no sign of infection, they are enrolled into the Pure army without a choice. Those who are not Pure are left in the town or city, assumed to be human. If any Infected are hiding in the city, they are killed on sight. This is how the Pure army is so vast.



Due to the lack of metal, full body armor is a rare sight on most Infected. They tend to wear bullet proof vests with only small pieces of metal armor for extra protection. Though this leads to exposed skin, they make sure to cover the vital spots and use their stealth and combat prowess to avoid any lethal blows being dealt to them. Many infected also wear gas masks in the likely event that a noxious gas be produced by their enemies in a close quarters battle. They also use these masks for medical reasons. Other armor is made from leather and cloth.


The Pures have more access to the metals of the Earth, having hoarded it in an attempt to cut off the Infected’s supply. Since they have a greater supply, soldiers usually wear more. In addition to state-of-the-art, bullet proof vests, armor can range anywhere from plaudrons to chest plates. The armor is made to enable unhindered movement and exceptional protection. All soldiers wear a helmet equipped with a gas mask. Though some believe it is because they are afraid of catching any disease, it is for protection against noxious fumes and the like. Most armor is made from metal or leather.



Much like their armor, weapons are used sparingly due to the lack of resources. Swords are preferred in combat, while guns (although they choke up ammo) are used rarely and only when needed. The Infected have their own team of scientists working to develop better weapons using what limited materials they have, but only a few weapons have been given to various leaders. Infected also scavenge weapons from any battles they’ve been in, giving them an arsenal of rifles, SMGs, and the like. Their weapons are light, allowing them to be unhindered by any extra weight, which is especially helpful in the flying part of the military.

Though not quite a weapon, the Infected have another type of soldier to fight for them. These beasts (called Abominations by those who set eyes on them), are Infected who gained more than one animal gene when afflicted with the bacteria. Their bodies have lost all human resemblance, instead making them look like a mash up of different animals. Their skills in combat are quite useful against the war machines of the Pures. Each Abomination is different, and still goes by a human name. They cannot speak, however.


The Pures’ weapons are manufactured to destroy. From rifles to rocket launchers, you name it, they have it. There are several squadrons of soldiers, each of which specialized in some weapon. If the military had in in 2011, the Pures have it now, only better.

The Pures have also developed several vehicles used for transportation and warfare. The first is the Prowler, a four legged machine capable of holding up to four soldiers. There are two turrets on its back, each manned by one soldier. The other two sit in the cockpit, directing the machine. Extremely fast and extremely accurate, this machine is used to chase down and kill fleeing Infected. It is also deadly in numbers on the battlefield.

The largest war machine available to the Pures is the Dreadnought, of which there are eight in the fleet. A Dreadnought is a six legged machine with several levels. Turret guns and cannons line its deck, and it is capable of holding up to two hundred soldiers below its decks. It is driven by at least five soldiers, and has many mechanics to keep it running. It can reduce a town to ruin in a matter of seconds.

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