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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Awwww yeah.


Name: Theresa Maverick.

Age: 34.

Gender: Female.
Personality: Theresa is a cold, cunning, deadly woman. She is practically incapable of remorse, and she is at her best when she watches others suffer. She has a morbid fascination with destroying her opponents both physically and mentally, reducing them to nothing but a sobbing emotional mess. She has a very, very hot temper underneath her cold, uncaring outside, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her rage. She gets annoyed very easily.

Appearance: Theresa is a rather tall, imposing figure who stands at 5’ 8”. She constantly wears a scowl on her angular, pretty face, which features thin cheeks, and a few freckles across her pointed nose. Her eyes are green, and her hair is a vivid scarlet. She is very limber and thin, and always wears a white lab coat and white slacks, as well as pale gray combat boots. She rarely smiles – but when she does, she can make it very convincing and sweet. She has a faint Russian accent.

She goes by Teri.


Name: Jacob Aquill.

Age: 16.

Gender: Male.

Species: Jaguar.


Appearance: (Remeber, you are being hunted so you do not have very good clothes. They will most likely be torn in some places or stitched up, ect. Think post-apocalypse steampunk. ALL INFECTED HAVE AMBER EYES. IT IS A SIDE AFFECT OF THE BACTERIA IN THEIR SYSTEM.)

Other: I am unfazed by your human bluhs.
He goes by Jake.

This post is a WIP guys! :D

D-did Velocity just sign up for my RP?

Oh my god, i am honored.

You are RESERVED, dear friend!

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