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Smile Re: How do you beat the elite four in pokemon white?

Originally Posted by jackdean View Post
I have been stuck on thease guys for a long time and if you could tell me what pokemon to bring and what items that would be great here is my pokemon team right now,

Emboar level 64
Joltik level 27
Cofagrigus level 34
Krokorok level 36
Zebstrika level 41
Druddigon level 35
i also have axew level 32 but i dont use him that much and i mainly buy revives and hyper potions i can usually beat all of them exept for the girl that uses pycic pokemon
Trainer, you got a nice team, congrats. But you need to train more, just that! Except Emboar, all your team need to raise Level a bit, somewhat Level 55 I suggest if you want an easy progress through Elite Four.
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