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Default Re: [RP] Sonic: A Rift in Time

(Prepare for Shadow's elite analyzing skills XD)

Random Prairie

Well, this was annoying. He'd nearly fallen asleep from the peaceful atmosphere when a loud boom had sounded nearby - and by nearby, he meant a few feet. He had to admit he was surprised at the appearance of the machine; he had encountered Metal Sonic only once and had, admittedly, felt sympathy for the machine because of its reasons to challenge Sonic. This machine, however, was clearly different, and he didn't like it. Its color was a silver blue and the one eye stared at him with an eerie sense of purpose and destruction. Another copy. How does the Doctor think that a mere copy can defeat me, when it no doubt can't even defeat the one it was designed after? It amused him slightly to know that any attempt on his life would be feeble. Immortality did have its benefits.

It raised its claw and grabbed him by the ankle, motor rumbling as it threw him. Jerked back to complete awareness, Shadow twisted in midair in a very similar likeness to a cat as he landed on his feet, watching as Mecha Sonic curled into a ball. A loud screeching sound erupted in the air from the buzz saw as it churned up dirt on its journey towards him. Quickly analyzing the situation, Shadow came to the conclusion that due to the blades being more centered on the top, it would have more difficulty turning. Both he and Sonic could easily turn, but even then they could not turn on a dime. This machine would have to make a wide turn to come back towards him, leaving its side exposed as it did so.

He jumped over the machine, landing neatly behind it. It screeched as it began to turn, and to Shadow's satisfaction the grass further hampered it. I must wait... His hand gathered red energy as he waited for it to continue turning. Keep coming...You are almost there... He waited until Mecha Sonic was completely perpendicular to him, exposing the side of the metal Spin Dash to attack. It wasn't spinning as much there so there was not as much wind resistance to deflect an attack, and it wasn't reinforced as much as the blades that were acting as the buzz saw.

He threw his hands forward, launching arrow shaped bolts of negative Chaos Energy (which was more destructive and powerful) towards the machine. The Chaos Spear attack smashed into the side and the ground immediately before it, creating a small explosion that knocked the machine sideways and into the air. Shadow followed up by jumping into the air as Mecha Sonic uncurled (to get a bearing on the situation, no doubt), activating his shoes to provide a boost in speed which added to the power of the kick he landed on its chest which sent it back into the ground with tremendous force.

Shadow landed a bit away, although he was not arrogant enough to think the fight was over. He knew Eggman's constructs were tougher than that. As it was, he'd like some answers, but he doubted it could speak. Raising his hands, he prepared for any counterattack, although he knew he had damaged it. How badly he wasn't sure, and he had learned to dampen his expectations.

Situations rarely turned out the desired way.

Lake in a Forest

Bundled up inside his meteor, he was only half aware of what was going on around him. He knew it was really hot outside from the friction of reentry, but he had no idea how close he was to the ground or if any buildings were in the way. It'd be a real shame to hit a building, or even worse the people within. He didn't want to hurt anyone, after all. It sort of ruined the point of trying to make amends for his murderous past. He still didn't know why he was here or for what purpose, but he didn't feel like it was evil who brought him back. Thank goodness. I'm tired of being controlled. Seriously, it was the worst job ever - everyone, including his boss, hated him and he was beaten up all the time. If he failed he risked death. Oh, and he didn't get paid for it either and there weren't any job benefits. It sucked.

His attention was drawn back to the present as a loud noise reverberated around him along with a sudden jerk as his velocity was slowed. Not one to jump the gun, he waited, as he could sense he was still falling. When at last he felt a small thud on top of him - his meteor had flipped so that his back was closest to the ground - he focused on his energy, splintering the rock (crystallized Chaos Energy, really) apart. Immediately cold hit him as he was engulfed in water, and it took everything he had to not gasp. He couldn't drown, but the feeling of being unable to breathe was something he would never get used to. He followed the air bubbles from his release towards the sunlight that was bouncing on the surface of the water, taking great strokes in his effort to get there more quickly.

Upon surfacing, he swam towards the shore before he took in his surroundings. Apparently he had landed in a lake, surrounded by trees. He wasn't quite sure if that was it, but he was too distracted by his damp cloak. Gripping the tattered black cloth in his hands, he rung it out. His super strength made it very easy to squeeze every last bit of water out of it, but he couldn't let it hang to dry. He was fairly certain the area was remote, but he didn't want to risk anyone seeing him naked, as he had taken off his shoes and gloves to let those dry.

Wiggling the three toes on his feet, which were similar to large, thick paws (unlike his hands), it felt good to feel solid ground beneath him. It was damp but prickly from the grass, but also warm. He took a deep breath, enjoying the sweet scent of flowers as it tickled his nose. Holding his arms out, he let the sun's rays fall on him, the light penetrating his Aura and warming him up as well as drying him off. The smell of the earth and the warmth of the sun...He missed being alive. He wasn't cold or hungry for life, or in constant suffering from his sins.

He was simply...Alive.

...Although the thought of food did make him hungry. Glancing around, he spied an apple hanging from a tree. Pushing his energy to his feet, he hovered up and grabbed it. Without bothering to wash it off, he bit into the flesh of the red fruit, the tang of the juice making his taste buds dance in the flavor. He savored, yet greedily ate, each and every piece aside from the core which he tossed to the side for nature to deal with. He set about eating a few more apples to satiate his sudden hunger.

Who knew being dead for a few months could make you so hungry when you were alive again?

(My logic - in general, Sonic characters have to have at least one article of clothing on them - aside from gloves because those come off very easily - for them to not be naked. Women have the same rule, but they have to at least have a bra too XD I MUST RATIONALIZE THINGS. And yes, I think that is what their feet look like. Having five toes would be TOO human, eh?)

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