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Name: Kasey Straiden

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Kasey is a intellectual yet somewhat socially awkward. He usually only thinks factually and needs data to prove superstitous theories. He always thinks with common sense and not his heart. He is very cold and distant by instinct. He will say the truth even if it hurts someone and doesn't really care. He isn't the best with social customs, even though he seems to know about them. Then again, he knows a lot of things. He loves to read and perform experiments and is a skilled inventor. In his spare time he is usually reading a scientific book or tinkering with some machine of his.

Appearance: Kasey where's the standard white uniform as all Pure soldiers do except he wears black leather gloves and boots. He also has a wrist watch communicator on his left wrist.


Name: Roxy Lockheart

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Roxy is way different from many other girls in a few ways. She isn't dumb it's just that she likes to see the world as if it were her fantasy land in her head which is just sugar and spice and everything nice. She spaces out from time to time and will randomly blurt out her emotions which vary from food to random thoughts in her head. She can be serious and on task when she needs to be, but she will still trail off to her wonderland. She sees things in different ways than everyone else and all actions are mostly driven by emotions. She is over dramatic and can be a brat. She is also easily entertained and distracted. She has to be extremely focused to stay on task. She is naive and foolish which gets her tricked a lot, but she is good at heart. She is kind and compassionate to everyone she meets. But even though she seems all rainbows and unicorns she can still pack a punch.

Appearance: Roxy wears the standard white Pure uniform except she has a short red skirt over the soldier pants. She has a red bow tied to the back of her small skirt over her pants. She has pockets in her skirt which she carries things in. Her soldier boots are the same as all the others except hers have red ribbons on the front of them.
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