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Default Pokemon TCG for Nintendo DS Petition

Hey guys, I'm here to post about a petition I started online for Nintendo to make a Pokemon TCG game for the Nintendo DS. Now yes, this is a long shot, but they need to know what we want and I've seen several hundred people comment online that they wish there was a DS release like the GBC release from 2000. This petition also takes a blog from a user by the name of "gamerCNSK" which tells why Nintendo shouldn't be worried about the impact of the release of such a game on physical car sales and the franchise. I for one am ready for this game to be released, all of the online alternatives are crap IMO, and they'd be doing themselves a favor by scrapping the online TCG on the official website and just programming it on the NDS. They were developing a tutorial cartridge out in Japan that would show newbies how to play the game, so they already have the basic programming out of the way. I just htink this would be amazing for all of us long time pokemon card players that are too old to find other people our age to play with!

Anyways, here's the link. Share it with all of your friends, remember, the more signature it gets, the better chance we have of getting what we want.

Now I'm not sure the rules on this one, but here's a link to a facebook page that can be liked and shared with all of your friends. Mods, if this is against the rules, please just take it off.