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Post Re: Soul Chronicles (Chapter 2)

Aqua stood before the bridge leading out of her village; she glanced back at her home, the mist from the waterfall and the sun falling into position forming a faint rainbow. The Buizel examined the pack that would be important for her travels, making sure everything was in place before turning to leave.

“Aqua…” The old Wishcash known as the village’s Elder rose from the water. “You shouldn’t travel alone, it’s not safe.” Aqua didn’t pay him any mind and continued walking. “Aqua…”

“It would’ve been better to warn me of this a few days ago; I’m not waiting for someone to decide to travel with me.” She continued on, not letting the Wishcash stop her.

As a member of my village, Cascade, it is always safer to travel with someone…never alone. The same goes for another village nearby, and as a Chosen, that rule is strongly enforced…sometimes. There aren’t many villages left, but each has this kind of rule I believe-unless the village harps on power which ours does not.

Aqua continued on, her path etched out before her by a well worn trail into the forest. Everything was calm as she entered. Many small bird-Pokémon were within the trees; a few watching Aqua walk. Many of the birds gave her an unending stare, as if judging her from afar; Aqua paused, sniffing the air, catching something that was out of the norm for the forest area. “Blood…?” Aqua stopped her pace, moving behind a tree for cover, glancing out into the thick forest path ahead. “It’s still far off…” She whispered to herself as she stared down the emptiness.

It was quiet; nothing was happening, save for the rustling of the trees and bushes from the wind. Aqua stayed where she was, waiting for the scent to fade but it still lingered, the wind possibly dragging it towards her. When the realization that the wind may have been the culprit hit, Aqua cautiously continued on, ready for whatever was out there. Cautiously, the Buizel continued down the path, the scent growing stronger after each step. She eventually reached the path’s end, the opening to a clearing starting to come into view; Aqua hid behind another tree, moving about to get a better look, spotting a scene that she didn’t expect.

“You bastard!” A Mightyena pair had entered a battle with a blue-furred Pokémon; one of the spikes on its wrists had a set of claws being produced from it. One of the Mightyena had been severely wounded by the attack, a large-deep gash visible in the noon sunlight; the other wolf-like Pokémon standing protectively over its ally, fur standing on end, snarling at their attacker.

“Well, I apologize, but you attacked me for no reason whatsoever…” The strange Pokémon spoke, the claws retracting, seemingly merging back into the spike on his wrist.

“You entered our territory…” The wounded Mightyena growled nastily, rising with fangs bared, ready to rip and tear the flesh of his enemy.

“Your territory?” The strange Pokémon spoke with wonder. “I thought this area belonged to the Cascade Village Pokémon-the Wild water-typed Pokémon…” The Mightyena merely snarled at the assumption.

Aqua listened on intently. “That Pokémon…I’ve never seen it before…and why is it attacking the Mightyena?” She questioned.

“Well…?” The strange Pokémon questioned the two. “Why did you imply this area was your territory?” He asked.

The wounded Mightyena decided to answer. “We share this territory with them…”

“What you are doing?” The other countered. “That is none of this…creatures business!” The Mightyena howled, obviously unsure of what their attacker was.

“But…Mightyena are predators…” The strange Pokémon glanced at the small amount of blood that had pooled where the wounded Mightyena stood. “…Why would such a Pokémon coincide with those who could become prey?” He wondered.

“That is not of your concern…” The Mightyena growled heavily, both taking a pouncing stance.

“I see…” The strange Pokémon sighed sadly. “I only wished to speak with the Chosen of Cascade Village,” That statement, although unfinished, made Aqua cringe; why would a Pokémon that she did not recognize want her? “I wished to talk to them about their views and if they agreed with mines…and if they wished to join forces, but I can see that is not going to happen…I’m sorry for intruding…” He bowed and turned away; the Mightyena merely growling at him until he left, as if fearful of his strength.

“Let’s go…” The Mightyena eventually left as well, taking a different path deeper into the forest, Aqua waiting until they were completely out of sight and scent before emerging from her hiding place.

The Mightyena pack guard Cascade from outsiders, but obviously at a cost. We of the village have to provide them with a large supply of fish every month or they’d turn on us…we have very little trust for each other and it shows whenever any of us meet…

“I’ve…never seen a Pokémon like that…” Aqua mumbled to herself. “Maybe someone from Din will know…” She sighed taking the path she wanted to take before the scene took place.


After quite a long walk, the sun beginning to slowly set, Aqua had traveled deep into the forest; the area thick with a strong static energy, making her uncomfortable. “At least I know I’m going the right way…” She spoke nervously. The area was thick with static energy, a sign of an abundance of electricity, and as if to emphasize on this a bolt of lightning shot out into the sky catching Aqua’s attention.

“Great power, but you have bad aim…” A few voices caught Aqua’s attention. “I still think you should wait before leaving the village, just a bit longer…”

“No, I keep getting this feeling that I should leave soon,” A Pikachu stated crossing his arms defiantly. “I bet it has something to do with my ‘power’…” He said almost taunting the Ampharos.

“I get it, you’re ‘Chosen’ please don’t harp on the subject…” The Ampharos sighed.

“The Pikachu is a ‘Chosen’…” Aqua muttered coming out into the open, getting their attention. “Sorry to interrupt…” Before Aqua could go any further, the Ampharos stood protectively in-front of the Pikachu, sparks flying form the orbs on his tail and head. “Okay, listen…” Aqua backed off, dropping her pack, readying herself for anything. “I am Aqua of Cascade Village; I was traveling and after hearing your conversation, I…”

“So you were spying on us?” The Pikachu questioned, walking around the Ampharos.

“N-no, that’s not it…” Aqua replied nervously.

“It seems that is the case…” The Ampharos crossed his arms.

“Looks like it…” The Pikachu copied his pose.

Aqua groaned and explained. “Listen, as I said, I’m Aqua of Cascade Village; I’m the ‘Chosen’ of my village and I was looking for Din…”

“And you assumed we’re from there…” The Ampharos cut her off. “So, you are a ‘Chosen’ like Sparky here?” He said lightly hitting the Pikachu with the orb tip of his tail.

“And how do we know if she’s telling the truth…?” The Pikachu named Sparky grumbled rubbing his head.

Aqua sighed at the question. “Obviously he believes me…” She said placing her attention on the Ampharos.

“Well, unlike him, I need proof…” Sparky exclaimed.

“Fine then…” Aqua took a deep breath and began to focus, thinking back to the battle she had with Wade not that long ago; the air around her became strangely heavy, getting the electric Pokémon’s attention easily.

“That’s familiar…” The Ampharos backed away.

Aqua exhaled strongly, a small circular area around her began to distort, Sparky standing firm looking unimpressed. “That’s not a very large area…” He mumbled.

“That doesn’t matter,” Aqua’s statement made her lose concentration, the distortion fading away quickly. “I’m not very skilled with that.” She sighed returning to the original subject. “Now will you two point me in the direction of Din Village?” She questioned; a heavy annoyance in her voice.

“Well, we are from there and heading back, so you can follow us.” The Ampharos stated. “I am Marko of Din Village, by the way.” He added.

“Well…” Sparky didn’t appear too happy with the sudden acceptance of Aqua, but neither did the Buizel about having to prove herself a ‘Chosen’. “Whatever, let’s just get back…” He grumbled turning away. “If we stay out any longer we might run into a predator out here…” The Pikachu walked off, Marko annoyed.

“Well, follow us.” The Ampharos took after Sparky, Aqua collecting her pack and following them.

“Oh…that reminds me…” Marko looked back to her, Sparky not paying Aqua any mind. “I wanted to know if you’ve seen a Pokémon that…” Aqua went on to describe the strange Pokémon she’d seen as well as the event from earlier; pointing out a few details she’d noticed.

“Hmm, a blue-furred Pokémon with strange antenna-like appendages on the back of its head…four altogether…spikes on its wrists and chest…that’d be a Pokémon that’s common in the cities, a Lucario.” Marko explained.

“And what is that…?” Aqua questioned.

“Man, you Pokémon from Cascade need to venture out more…” Sparky groaned. “Lucario are a mix of steel and fighting Pokémon; they’re common in the cities and avid supporters of the beliefs of the City Pokémon obviously.” He stated.

“So he was a threat…” Aqua sighed, a nasty growl escaping her maw.

“Either a threat or an ally…” Marko spoke seriously. “Although, you’re not very good at hiding yourself, either of them could’ve known you were nearby.” He sighed.

“Heh, she’s no good at survival…” Sparky chuckled. “How did you get here without dying?” He questioned with obvious mocking intent.

“Whatever…” Aqua crossed her arms. “We of Cascade learn how to defend ourselves on our own…”

“But you have the same rule we do: to have a traveling companion.” Marko spoke sternly. “You should have waited for that Pokémon to assist you.” He stated.

“There was no mentioning of that,” Aqua grumbled. “The focus was mainly around convincing me to choose to support Wild Pokémon instead of being neutral, like I am…” Sparky looked back at her.

“Neutral?” He repeated.

“Yes…is something wrong?” Aqua wondered.

“No, nothing; it was just a bit surprising to hear that coming from you. If I remember right, Cascade Village isn’t very kind to City Pokémon or their supporters.” Sparky stated.

Aqua took on a similar dark expression. “Well, I’m not like everyone else in my village…” She stated.

“I get that, I kind of side with a small group in my village.” Sparky smiled. “I’m on the side of the City Pokémon actually…” Aqua stared at him as they walked, Marko glancing back and forth at the pair cautiously. “The amazing things they make-my oldest sister brought some of them to the village one time…” Sparky’s voice filled with wonder. “I want to see more of those things.” He added.

Aqua lightly smiled to him which left a surprised look on Marko’s face. “Just be careful not to let anyone convince you to change that view…” She said kindly.

“So, you’re OK with his view?” Marko questioned the Buizel.

“Yes, I’m fine with Sparky’s view; I’d rather not act like the Elder or my mother and tell him his view is wrong.” Aqua explained.

“Heh, I see…” Sparky slightly laughed. “Well,” He turned his attention to the path ahead, the trees giving way to a village setting. “We’re here!”
Ahead of the three was the village of Din; unlike Cascade Village, it held a mixture of nature and technology, an influence of the City Pokémon. The village had metal poles surrounding it, whatever purpose they held was unknown at first glance. The huts that acted as homes for the assortment of electric Pokémon had metal padding, as if to block out heavy damage of some sort. There was a large object built into the village’s center, shooting out strands of electricity like water; each shot weaving into the other seamlessly. Many of the village’s inhabitants were crowding around the poles as if preparing for something.

“We should hurry,” Marko spoke. “Our village has a bit of a defense strategy, using those poles to create a barrier of electricity,” The Ampharos explained starting to walk. “So, we’ll be locked out of the village in a few minutes…so, hurry…” Marko’s walk quickly breaking out into a run; Sparky following while Aqua trailed behind looking confused.

“Yeah, that’s how we defend ourselves from the snakes around here!” Sparky added to Marko’s explanation.

Aqua ran down after them, seeing a few larger birds in the trees, watching them closely. “But what about them…?” The Buizel questioned.

“Look at that thing in the center!” Sparky yelled as they reached the village’s entrance; he had pointed out the large object in the village’s center. “I call it an ‘electro-fountain’, my dad made it after seeing something like that in the city.” The three stopped just inside of the village as a Flaaffy took the lead, calling the electric Pokémon to order.

“Now, charge the rods!” All of the electric Pokémon participating fired off a massive stream of electricity into the rods; each one becoming charged, electricity shoot out of them in a similar fashion to water. “Now, trigger the fountain!” An Elekid quickly pressed a large indentation in the fountain, making it activate, turning itself into a large rod, harnessing the others’ energies. Soon a wave of electricity from each rod shot to the center, small electric bands forming between them, the light they gave off brightening the village and the area around it.

“Wow…!” Aqua exclaimed seeing a large net of raw electricity now overhead.

“Hey, I want you to meet my dad, Aqua.” Sparky suddenly spoke.

Aqua’s attention was slightly on Sparky and on the electric net. “Your…father…?” She questioned looking to the Pikachu.

“Yes, Sparky’s father is the current Elder of the village.” Marko’s statement knocked Aqua’s awe away from the net above.

“He is? That means your father’s…” Sparky shook his head stopping the question short.

“He’s the youngest Elder at the moment.” Sparky stated. “Your village’s Elder never comes to the meetings so you guys wouldn’t know that.” He said in a smart tone.

“Our Elder’s a fish…” Aqua countered.

“Well…that explains it…” Sparky laughed.

“Good work everyone!” The Flaaffy yelled out suddenly, dismissing everyone who participated in the shocking of the rods.

“So, when does this come down?” Aqua wondered looking to the net.

“Dawn.” Marko answered. “The amount of electricity fed into the rods is enough to hold the barrier until dawn, usually.” He explained. “Anyway,” Marko looked around, seeing a few of the Pokémon heading to their homes. “I have to go.” He briskly rushed off.

“Why the sudden rush?” Aqua questioned, now eying the village quickly; it was similar to her own, save for the strong static feeling running through her body and the metal on the huts.

“He used to teach survival lessons to the younger villagers here,” Sparky answered. “Now he’s my personal guardian for when I leave.” He explained. “I bet he’s going off to say goodbye to them before I leave tomorrow.” The Pikachu added.

“Oh…” Aqua replied simply, still looking around strangely.

“Being surrounded by so much electricity’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?” Sparky chuckled.

“Yes, it is…” Aqua grumbled. “A-anyway…let’s just go and see your father.” She said calmly smiling.

“Alright then, follow me!” Sparky yelled happily, taking hold of Aqua’s pack and dragging her along through a small crowd of electric Pokémon.

The Village of Din…it’s a very different place than Cascade. This ‘mist’ of electricity has my body tingling like mad...but that’s another story I guess. Din Village is a very open-minded village, almost the complete opposite of my own. I don’t know enough about this village to understand their views perfectly, but I will learn what I can while I’m here.

Chapter End…

WOW this took a while...anyway, Aqua's like the 'narrator' for this part of the story. :3
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