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Default Re: Kim Jong Il is dead?

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Do you see the gas prices breaking 20? Me neither. Not nearly as bad.

Do you see the South Koreans ever uniting with a Communist North Korea? Me neither. Kapish?
I don't think you understand what intention/desire means that Un WANTS to invade SK. But he never had the authority to do so until he rose to power post his father's death...not saying it will happen but history had shown what happens when a dictator has aggression for another country. You can "unite" a country under your jurisdiction by invading it if you didn't know that.

A weakened economy does not mean gas prices ARE at 20 but a failing economy could LEAD to them. A lot of the exposition of homefront was inspired by current events and one unique scenario in the East.

You might as well say it is also not the year 2027 so it doesn't relate even though once again you'd be besides the point.

The kickoff to the whole domino effect that led to the invasion in the story started off with 1. A failing US economy 2. Kim Jong Un rising to power post his father's death. NOTE I said started as in the beginning of the series of events that led to the events in the game.

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