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Default Re: [RP] Sonic: A Rift in Time

Station Square

Reaver knew it would have been too easy to simply freeze a demon of water and succeed. He stood in a fighting stance with his bo at his back, ready for an unusual fight. He was told such beings existed, however he hadn’t ever thought about coming face to face with one on a regular basis. He was running options through his mind while keeping himself on his toes. If he froze anything, he would be giving this beast more water to deal with. So either he try another approach, or find something else to freeze.

The snow leopard, defensively thinking of a tactical way to deal with the unknown problem, soon noticed two other variables coming into play, noticing them with a twitch of his ears. From one side there was a hulking behemoth, as best as he could mentally describe it. He hadn’t seen anything like him before, but judging from where he was standing, he didn’t seem to be a threat. On his other side, he saw a blue fox, of which he immediately noticed the large sword and nothing else. His ears rose in a pleasant response to her question, of which he answered quickly.

“Any help is good help, thank you.” He said, returning his gaze to the watery fiend that was not starting to break free of his frozen grasp. “I know not what this is…as my powers seem futile against it, I may need something else.”

Reaver took a step back defensively, responding to the shattering of his own ice. As the motion was made to send them on a hailing assault to everyone, even those fleeing who were not aware, Reaver immediately stepped into action. He skillfully spun his bo staff in front of him, shattering the shards closest to him. Those he could focus on fast enough he took the coldness out of, turning the ice shards back into water and leaving them to fall to the ground, but not quite. He refroze the water again in more dull, dense pieces, and sent them flying at the sharper shards headed towards the fleeing crowds. As the large ice pieces flew, the crashed into the smaller ones, shattering them, and what ones he didn’t smash, sent the other ones off their course, only to collide into others that were just a bit out of his reach. There were a few that glanced by people’s legs and arms, even their heads, but nothing more than a cut or so was sustained as an injury.

“Dishonourable fiend…” Reaver muttered, figuring the demon didn’t care at this point. “Petty to fight those who flee!”

The snow leopard was aware that this thing was going to try something sneaky now, and hopefully, his newly found allies would be able to help him bring this monster down. It was a delay to his true task, but he wasn’t one to leave others in need. She wouldn’t approve of him doing so.

Mystic Ruin's Crater

The large darkened crystal sitting at the epicenter of the crater, radiated energy of the most efficient kind. Despite the trees that were thrown aside coming down, they seemed to be recovering at a rapid rate, rapid enough for anyone to see. Roots entangled and twisted around each other, all slowly crawling towards the crystal. Inside was a curled up being, one who was not known to this world, and one who did not know the world she was in.

As the unknowing fox approached the large rock, triple his size, only armed with a stick, the twin tailed tawny Tails would be in for a surprise. As he tapped it, it responded with a dim glow, only for a second, pulsing outward in an unseen force. Those who were energy based, would feel it indefinitely, if only just a bit. The branch then would start growing on its own, very slowly, but fast enough for it to be seen. The roots making its way towards the meteorite, starting to cover it and pierce it’s way into the rock, as if they were instructed to. They put their way in through the cracks already made by the power of the impact, prying them further and further apart. As the odd stone was pulled farther apart, a brighter light soon made itself free from it’s prison.

As the light began to dim, the crystal seemed to start to dissolve into a fine dust that blew away with the slightest breeze. The living roots seemed to have lifted the meteorite, or what was left of it, off the ground, putting it in the sun and amplifying it towards the entity below. Beneath it was a dragon of pinkish lavender, with light purple wings, pale sky blue markings, a long tail and silver and teal anklets around her claws. There was a stone in her forehead, one that looked like a polished amethyst. Her eyes were closed and she was unmoving.

Only for a moment.

The sun seemed to give the being life, as se slowly stirred, seemingly disturbed by a bad dream in her slow steady awakening. The trees all seemed to stop moving on their own as the dragon looking being opened her luminescent aqua eyes. She lifted her head a bit, looking around from under her hole, eyes falling on Tails. She immediately froze, not recognizing who it was, as it was no one she knew, or expected to see. Immediately she withdrew just a bit, wondering who this was and what he was doing here. Then, she wondered where she was, what happened and how she got here.

Where was he?

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