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Default Re: Kim Jong Il is dead?

Originally Posted by Blood Red Lucario View Post
Despite the fact that Un holds or has expressed the desire to invade South Korea (Arguably uniting the two).

Despite the fact the US economy is at its weakest its been in decades. (Which could be what inspired the weakened US because of economy by said writers)

Despite the fact that according to said story of Homefront Korea would not have invaded a vulnerable US because of its failing economy had it not united and developed its "Golden Age" which would not have happened if Un had not rose to power from his father's death.

As for Homefront it came out in March of this year and is available on Steam or at any retail electronic or video game vendor

Here is a link if you're interested:
Do you see the gas prices breaking 20? Me neither. Not nearly as bad.

Do you see the South Koreans ever uniting with a Communist North Korea? Me neither. Kapish?
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