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Default What if they were real? [SU/DS]

What if they were real?

In the year of 1949 the world changed drastically. Reports of creatures that were once thought to be normal animals began mutating and started breathing fire, creating blizzards, displaying psychic abilities, creating thunder storms, etc. By only 1951 these “animals” that were soon nicknamed “Pokemon” made signs of appearing all over the world. The President ordered the military to get rid of the new threat that had produced, that's when a group who went under the name of “Team Plasma” entered political warfare and fought on the peace between them and us. At first everyone thought them to be crazy but all took their time. By the year 1952 they made the decision to allow humans to train these Pokemon. Scientists went to work and created the Pocket Ball later renamed the “Pokeball” as it was a shorter way to name it. This Pokeball had the ability to capture these Pokemon and store them in your pockets, hence the name they chose. With this power the world was led in a new direction.
By 1954 the new Pokemon arena's opened up in which they could pit the creatures against each other in battle. It was a sport. But, it was fine with pokemon so it was fine with the humans. In fact the pokemon seemed to enjoy it very much. After a few months of that the Elite Trainers were put against each other and the last four were named the Elite Four and whoever could defeat them was then the strongest trainer in the world until someone beat them. Of course this cycle would keep going on and on.
A few years later during the year of 1959 Team Plasma made their next appearance and told the community they were against the “slavery” of pokemon. Announcing that it wasn't right to pit them against each other, keep them against there will, or refuse to feed them. They told the community that they would do all that was in their power to end this once and for all. After that no one had heard of them but sooner or later people would hear reports of Pokemon being released, etc. This was proof they were still out there. Except no one knew when they would make their next big appearance. As this went on new groups appeared with new intentions. Bad? Good? You'll find out.


--This roleplay will be done in chapters. Scroll down to chapters to read the current one and your mission.
--The plot in way off from any real life events and the years are all random.
--This will start with technology from Heart Gold and Soul Silver, any new technology will be slowly introduced over time.


A World in Panic
This chapter will involve:
Team Rocket an organized crime syndicate in pursuit of evil and exploitation of Pokemon.
While its main focus is stealing or capturing, then selling, rare and strong Pokemon, it also funds and conducts cruel experimental research on Pokemon. Their oath, as posted on the wall of one of their many bases, is "Steal Pokemon for profit. Exploit Pokemon for profit. All Pokemon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." Their ultimate goal is to take over the world using Pokemon.
Your mission is to find and put an end to their crimes in this chapter. You may find and be involved in Team Plasma activities as well as many other activities.

News feed;;

None to be read at the moment.


1. Follow all PE2K rules.
2. No godmodding, bunnying, etc.
3. You may have as many characters as you want as long as you can handle them.
4. If I notice you having trouble handling your characters I will speak up.
5. When I notice you not posting for let's say 3 days I will PM you asking if you still want to participate, I will them wait a week and then decide you are not coming back. If you do come back with a good explanation you will then receive your characters back with an explanation of what went on in the roleplay during your absence. You may only have them back once before I deem you irresponsible.

Sign up Sheets;;

History:: {Optional.}
Pokemon:: {Name, species, gender & anything extra.}
Side:: {Team Plasma, Team Rocket, or don't care}


-5TailedDemonLizard -- Alamar Utori
-mickmon95 -- Macy Trinity
- Phi -- S






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