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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

(OOC: Here it is! Sorry it took a bit, but I hope y’all had a fabulous holiday :D )

Vanessa Garrick & Chase Owens
Dark, Master & ex-Apprentice
Everlastia, Dungeon Cell (Beneath the Elders’ Tower)

For the umpteenth time, Vanessa heaved a thoroughly jaded sigh. What was taking the blasted boy so long? He should know better than to keep her waiting, especially on an occasion like this. She hoped he wasn’t taking the time to grab a quick meal, as she knew plenty well it was lunchtime at the Guild. But then again… did that thing need to eat at all?

Biting her lip impatiently, she continued pacing the floor. In all actuality, only a few minutes had passed since she had sent her message, but to her, the passing of time felt like hours. If this continued on for any longer, she would carve a rut into the stone floor.

A flicker of movement out of the corner of her eye brought her to an abrupt halt. She sharply turned on her heels in time to see a vermin crawl into her cell from a hole in the corner. Twitching its long whiskers, it looked up at her forlornly with beady eyes.

Vanessa couldn’t help but curl her lip in disgust. Did he have to come to her in that repulsive form? Though she admitted that Chase’s shape-shifting abilities were useful, she could never understand why he had chosen such a… distasteful appearance. Rats, as far as she was concerned, were the most vile and filthy creatures to ever grace the cosmos.

Well, at least he was here finally.

Fighting back the impulse to cringe, Vanessa turned to the guards and raised a hand. She grinned as she saw them tighten their hold on their precious Keyblades, but after she uttered one word—“Sleep”—their eyes glazed over and their weapons disappeared in a weak flash of light. With another wave of her hand, a barrier of writhing shadows blocked their side of the door, ensuring that no one would interfere with her private meeting.

When she turned back around, she wasn’t surprised to see that the rat had been replaced with a pale nineteen-year-old. A dark leather jacket decorated with silver studs and spikes hung over his thin frame, a complete fashion disaster in Vanessa’s humble opinion. If she had been in any other situation, she would have been loath to work with the boy, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

“About time you showed up, Mr. Owens,” the raven-haired woman patted her hands together as if shaking them of dust. “I was absolutely bored to tears down here.”

Chase dipped his head in acknowledgement, but said nothing in return. He waited patiently for the Master to continue, not looking particularly interested or disinterested for the reasons of his summoning. Vanessa frowned inwardly, wondering to herself if there was some way to unlock those lips which were usually sealed so tightly. The Keyblade could unlock many a great thing, but it seemed unfortunate that it could not unlock the secret to Chase’s speech.

“Well, let’s cut to the chase, then,” she cleared her throat, ignoring the pun she had unintentionally made. With another wave of her arm, darkness boiled up from the ground, solidifying to the point that Vanessa could sit on it like a queen on a throne of shadows. Crossing her legs one over the other, she continued, “You’re probably wondering how I got here—no, I take that back. You’re probably not, actually, but I’m going to tell you why anyway. I may or may not have been a little careless in the last world I visited, so when it became clear that I could not keep my cover any longer, I decided to perform an assortment of… experiments.”

Vanessa grinned impishly as she snapped her fingers. In an instant, her Keyblade appeared with the air around it cackling as if charged with electricity. Its blackened edges gleamed with a purple sheen, illuminated by the glowing sphere imbedded in the end of the blade. If Chase was surprised by its altered shape, he didn’t show it. However, he seemed to stare at it with curiosity—if it was curiosity.

Vanessa waited to see if he would venture a question, but when she could no longer contain herself, she explained, “You are looking at a very rare Keyblade, Chase; one that needs special… requirements in order to create.”

She ran her finger down the shaft, towards the teeth that encased the sphere. It might have been her imagination, but she could faintly hear a muffled scream. A familiar scream—the very same one that she must have heard earlier that day. The raven-haired woman chuckled.

“I’ve decided to name it ‘Hope’s Destruction’, for now. It’s got a pleasant ring to it, wouldn’t you agree?” she held it out proudly, talking more to herself now than to Chase. “At any rate, this Keyblade gives me some unique powers which I think will be most useful for our cause… I can truly bring the Heartless to their knees, for instance, and not fear for the safety of my own heart. In a way… it shields my heart from them, yet I can still evoke enough darkness to win their loyalties.”

Chase cocked his head in an almost animal-like motion, as if wondering how that was possible. Still, he didn’t interrupt her as she continued her lecture.

“I’m going to warn you now—I intend to test this weapon of mine before I leave here, and I suspect that the Guild will be in a lot of chaos following suite. You might want to make yourself scarce for a bit. At any rate, it was the forging of this weapon that got me locked up in here, for one of the dratted pets of the Elders’ caught me. As soon as lunch is over, I assume that they’ll have me examined in court, but I won’t be sticking around for too much longer.”

“So you’re running away,” Chase finally spoke, his breathy voice catching Vanessa off guard. She blinked at him in surprise, though the young man remained oddly vacant.

She finally allowed herself a scoffing laugh. “Running away? What do you take me for? Of course I am not running away. I simply need time away to revise my tactics. Getting caught certainly put a stickler in our plans, but I still expect them to move forward. Which brings me to back to you—I have an important assignment for you to fulfill while I am gone. You and the rest of the Apprentices joined to our cause.”

Vanessa snapped her fingers again. Hope’s Destruction disappeared into thin air, replaced by something square and blocky wrapped in a silky-black material. With a sly smile, she snagged the item from the air and passed it to Chase. He stared at her a moment before accepting the package, but once he took it in his hands, he unraveled the silk.

“A book,” he stated once the contents was revealed.

“A World book, to be precise—so don’t go opening it right away,” Vanessa shook a finger meaningfully. “This one was stolen out of the Library, right under the noses of those bothersome Librarians. My cohorts and I are hatching a deliciously devious plan with this book—and others that will follow after. However, since I will no longer be around to implement my part of the plan, I’m going to need someone else on the inside carry it out.”

Chase knew she was dying for him to ask a question, and so to please her (and so he could move on with life) he said, “What do you want me to do?”

“Give this to an Apprentice as if it were straight from a Bookbinder. Though its Keyhole has been locked ages ago, but no one can tell the difference. These old fools will go ahead and send a party in…” Vanessa smiled devilishly, “No one will be coming back.”

Here, the woman broke out into cruel laughter. Her clear, bell-like tones reverberated off the walls, contrasting sharply against the gloomy darkness. Only her voice filled the air, as Chase remained silent, not even smiling as he patiently waited for the Dark Lady to catch her breath.

Wiping away the tears from the corner of her eyes, Vanessa finished, “Anyway, once the trap has been sprung, I want you to continue the cycle—steal more books from the Library, report to me, then give the book to an Apprentice or Recruit. Your peers may assist you, of course, but it’s vital that none of you are caught. We want to continue this tactic for as long as we can—as quickly as we can. Do you understand your orders, then?”

Chase ran his thumb over the hardened leather cover, contemplating all he had heard. He knew that Vanessa was hiding the more important details of her plan, though she had implied enough for him to fill in the blanks. Straightening, he returned her expectant stare ad replied, “Yes, ma’am. Give the book away; steal another; don’t get caught; repeat the cycle.”

She smiled, pleased. “I will keep in touch with you, don’t you fret. The worlds are open to all who travel through the darkness. Now you better get going, Mr. Owens. I can’t hold this spell for too long without drawing unfounded suspicion.”

He dipped his head in acknowledgement, then, with a flurry of shadows, skittered away in his rodent form.


Celeste Piper
Light, Apprentice
Everlastia, Healer’s Wing

Celeste bit her lip as Caesura frowned in bafflement. At last, he announced his diagnosis, saying, “I think that this is some residue left over from an attack. I cannot be sure through; something bad happened to her, that’s for sure. If I had to venture my best guess, I would say that she was attacked by a violent dark spell, and her current condition is made by either some backlash or a poisonous effect wrought by the spell.”

Celeste let her eyes wander from the Doctor to her comatose friend, trying to sort through this new information. She felt like certain pieces were falling together in this puzzle: Embry’s mission must have gone terribly awry, and if she was attacked by Dark Magic… and if Theron was here…

Did this… did this involve the Dark Masters? The ones who the Elders had exiled?

The healer’s apprentice nearly jumped out of her skin as a new voice suddenly spoke up. She glanced around in confusion until she realized its source—it was the Lumina.

“I’m not quite sure what it is either,” it spoke in a musical voice. “It is darkness, that is for sure, but I am not familiar with this otherworld magic. I can still try to remove it, if you would like.”

Celeste blinked in amazement, still in wonder of this otherworldly being. Were all elementals like this?

Caesura didn’t reply to the glowing being’s question, but instead glanced over to the Elder. Theron had been oddly silent the entire time, as had the other Masters with him, but he lifted his weary eyes as he realized that he was being stared at.

“Yes,” he replied, nodding his head slowly. “Do whatever it takes…”

Celeste frowned at him, until a thought suddenly struck her. One thing was still missing from the picture. Knowing she was stepping out of her bounds, she turned to the Elder and asked, “Elder… Where is Master Vanessa?”

The room seemed to stiffen—not at her audacity, but at the mention of Vanessa’s name. Elder Theron made a point to not meet her eyes, however, as he worked his jaw back and forth.

With some effort, the old man rigidly replied, “Where she rightfully should be.”

Shadows crossed her face as a sudden suspicion tugged at her stomach. Gritting her teeth, she asked again, “Where is she?”

Siros had enough of her insolence. He hissed at her, face growing red with anger and embarrassment, “Celeste! That is enough! I will not tolerate any further disrespect to—”

“Vanessa has been stripped of her title and locked within a cell below our tower,” Theron bluntly interrupted her Master, his face growing ashen-gray as he fixed Celeste with an unforgiving glare.

The air had grown charged with tension. Even Siros stood stock still, taken aback by this revelation. He blinked a few times, as if he struggled to take it in, but finally he sputtered, “She… she has? Why? What has she done?”

Theron didn’t answer with words. Without taking his eyes off of Celeste, he lifted a hand and pointed at Embry.


Rush Peterson
Light, Recruit
Everlastia, Mess Hall

Rush was a little on the edge, and he jumped along with Kumori as the two persons collided. Yet he relaxed—just a little—as the two exchanged apologies. One Rush recognized with a little guilt as the stranger who had stepped in to end their conflict with Trayner. He felt like he should have thanked the young man, but… he disappeared quickly into the lunch crowd. The kid he had run into stood despondently in place, looking a little lost.

I’m just distracting myself from the real problem here, Rush admitted to himself abashedly. He turned back to Iolanthe and the others, coming in just after Ailith had muttered something under her breath. Turning to her friends, the winged-girl said, “It’s okay, Kumori, what were you going to say?”

Rush warily focused his attention to the white-haired boy, who had tried to speak before the interruption. Kumori certainly seemed… subdued now, compared to earlier. In fact, he seemed just as shy and timid as Rush was, but… How could Rush forget what he had seen? Kokoro said his heart was divided. Rush wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but he wondered if that meant he was unstable. Was he likely to transform into that… that monster at any time? Wouldn’t that make him dangerous?

Kumori bit his lip as he seemed to gather his wits, then explained himself, “That… I don’t mean for it to happen—I don’t want it to happen, but sometimes… Sometimes it’s too strong for me to fight back, no matter how hard I try…”

The white-haired boy’s eyes drifted from Rush, and Rush followed suite, casting his own towards the ground. The Recruit felt that Kumori was being honest, and he sounded truly afraid… Afraid of himself. But… Rush couldn’t let go of his own fear. Maybe Kokoro was right. This probably wasn’t any fault of this timorous boy, and he probably didn’t deserve any blame. But either way, Kumori sounded like he was unstable. How could Rush trust someone who could be a friend one moment, and an enemy the next?

“You have my understanding,” a voice snapped Rush out of his wildly spinning thoughts. “Don’t worry.”

Rush glanced up in surprise at the speaker; it was Iolanthe. She had been mostly silent during the whole confrontation, but Rush was shocked by her words. For some reason, she looked a little ill, but she stared at him meaningfully, like she was willing him to reply.

He quickly glanced away, still uncertain. They were slowly drifting to down the lunch line, closer to the tables where the food was served, but he felt uncomfortable beneath the weight of all the uneasy stares he was getting from the others. How did I get involved in all this? he wondered to himself. I didn’t ask for any of it… Iolanthe seemed to believe him, and wanted him to believe them too, but… How could he?

You can trust them.

Rush lifted his eyes. Did someone just talk to him? The boy glanced around in confusion, trying to discern the source of the voice. None of the others with him seemed to have spoken up, though… the lunch room was pretty crowded. Noise was reverberating off the cinderblock walls like a chorus of bees buzzing in a hive, so Rush could have dismissed as background chatter. But… that didn’t sit right with him. The voice had seemed so clear, so close…

The blonde-haired boy wondered for a moment before realizing that Kumori and the others were still expecting an answer from him. He bit his lip comprehensively, then… a sense of peace overwhelmed him. He glanced again at Kumori, and a sudden thought struck him.

Timidly, Rush inclined his head and said, “I… I’m still a little confused, but… I… I believe you.” He gave a smile that he hoped would assure them that he would give them a chance.


(OOC: Rush is a bit distracted currently, but it would be awesome if maybe someone could notice Cail and ask him if he’s all right or something—or something to start including Doodle’s other charrie. Maybe something of someone’s got dropped or something… IDK. I’m glad that all the other charries are getting into the story, though! :D)

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