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Default Re: Kim Jong Il is dead?

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
The reasons for the failing economy, the timeline in which GM fails, and the reason the gas prices are so high have nothing to do with Kim's death if you care to look up the timeline for the game.
I happen to own the game.

And it doesn't matter about the gas prices. The focus of Homefront is not the state of the U.S. economy, but Korea's imperialism and the war on the "home front". This is caused by Kim Jong Il's death and his son's rise to power. Take a look.

Again, try to pay attention to what I'm saying. Nowhere did I say that those gas prices had anything to do with Kim Jon Il's death. The invasion, yeah. But the reason the invasion was successful was because the U.S. as a whole was weakened.

The U.S. also happened to have a deteriorating economy at the time, with gas prices just about breaking the twenty dollar mark.
I grow tired of having to explain something that I never argued in the first place.

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